{‘See’… God’s love and creativity}

I’m {In Pursuit} of all the beauty around me. {In Pursuit} of the amazing displays of God’s love and creativity.

It’s amazing what we miss because we fail to truly ‘see’.

Like this piece my husband wood-burned years ago. I’ve seen it so many times.


How different it looks when I truly ‘see’ what’s in front me. Especially on those days when my load seems too difficult, too heavy to bear. On those days, I can appreciate the time and the creativity of my husband in a piece like this. On days when I feel weary and tired and look at this piece, I am thankful for my husband’s gift which continues to minister to my life years after he sat down with a piece of wood and a wood burning pen.


The same is true of this piece…

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At first glance, you’d think ‘oh, nice family pic.’

When I look at it, though, I see something completely different. And again, I am thankful for the display of God’s love toward me through my husband’s gift. This piece was actually given to me as a wedding anniversary gift. What makes it special is the fact that my husband was laid off. We were in bad shape financially and well, to be quite frank, there was no way to pull out any money from our already tight budget to something ‘great’.

I would always tell my husband, I want a piece done especially for me. That year, he surprised me with this piece of our family and my very favorite verse of the Bible, Jeremiah 29:11.

“I know the plans I have for you declares the Lord…”

Every time  I look at this picture, I am reminded of my husbands love and of God’s promises over our family. Priceless!!!

My pursuit has caused me to ‘see’ the beauty and creativity of the Lord at display right in my own home.

I’m feeling blessed. Very blessed!


Another piece my husband is currently working on (It’s not finished yet). Although I’ve seen him at work, I still don’t understand how he takes a blank piece of wood and turns it into a masterpiece.


So how about you? How have you seen God’s love and creativity on display in your own life?


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