{Creating a Photo Wall}

Good morning, ya’ll. I’m so excited you decided to stopped by. Today I will show you how I turned some extra envelopes into a photo wall for my daughters 5th Birthday. It turned out really cute and I’m sure you can tweak this idea in many ways to come up with your own unique photo wall!

This is what it looked liked:




Would you believe me if I told you that I created this wall out of envelopes and ribbon? Yep. That’s right. I purchased invitations and these were the envelopes for those invitations. I believe I paid like $2 for them. Each rectangle you see on the Photo Wall is simply a 6” x 8” envelope. I found some ribbon at the Dollar Store with a different pattern (same colors though) and off I went to create.

1. Determine how many pictures you want to use in your Photo Wall.

2. Determine how many rows that will be. We decided we were doing 9 pictures (3 in each row).

3. Cut your ribbon (we chose to have about 3 inches of ribbon showing between pictures).

4. Start attaching one envelope to the other with the ribbon (center bottom to center top). We used tape for this.



Your final rows should look like this:


5. Hang your Photo Wall. We used tape, but if you’re concerned about the paint on the wall, you can use putty.

6.) Tape up your pictures. You can also use photo corners if you’re worried about ruining special pictures.  I recommend making a quick layout on the floor or table with your pictures before you start taping them up. It will make it much easier.

And there you have it, your very own Photo Wall. This was so easy and so much fun to do. The results were great and I must have spent less than $5 (including the ink used to print the pictures at home). I’m going to get an even bigger bang for my buck because these colors match perfectly with my daughters room. So this Photo Wall is getting transferred upstairs to her room. How awesome is that?!

Be creative. You can even use scrapbooking paper. They have such a great variety out there!


Now it’s your turn. If you try out the Photo Wall, be sure to share with me. I’d love to see what you came up with!


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