{Party Decorations: Make Your Own Pompoms}

Yesterday I shared with you some pictures from our daughters My Little Pony party. There were some questions regarding the pompoms displayed in the pictures, so let me take a few minutes to show you how you can the same look.

I fell in love with these pompoms the moment I found a picture online. You can find them at party stores, like Party City. I knew I wanted them for the party, but I wasn’t sure I wanted to pay $7 for them. So off I went to the land of tutorials to find out how to make them myself! They are so easy to do my 12 year old helped me.


Here’s how in four easy steps:

{materials needed}

  1. tissue paper (8 sheets per pompom)
  2. scissors
  3. string/ribbon

{1. layer and fold}

Take 8 sheets of tissue paper and lined them up as best you can. Then begin folding (accordion style) about 1 and a half inch folds. Continue folding until all the paper is folded.


{2. tie and cut}

Next tie a string or ribbon at the center point. Then cut the ends (either in a half ‘u’ shape or a ‘v’ shape. Depending on the look you want. This part is easy to do but I recommend sharp scissors to get through the layers.


{3. open and separate}

Now you’re ready to open the accordion folds like a  fan and begin to separate the sheets of tissue paper pulling upwards. Do this carefully so as not to tear the tissue paper. I found it was much easier going from right to left, slipping your fingers through the accordion fold to the middle. Do this on both sides.


{4. hang}

Now follow these steps for as many pompoms as you’d like displayed and then hang. They really do look so festive. And if you have children who are old enough to help, it’s a great way to get them involved in the celebration. My son enjoyed making these with me and cut my pompom making time in half.


So there you have it. My quick tutorial on how to make your own party pompom. Depending on which tissue paper you choose, your cost per pompom can be as little as $1 each. I believe I spent about $10 on tissue paper. I created 6 pompoms total (2 are hanging on the chandelier, you can’t see them in these pictures) and I used the rest of the tissue for the gifts. So as you can see, this is a whole lot cheaper than buying a dozen or two of balloons and in my opinion, it looks so much better.

Now its your turn. Be sure to let me know how it goes for you! I’d love to hear from you!


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