{My Little Pony Birthday Party}

imageYesterday we celebrated our daughter’s 5th birthday! It’s so hard to believe that my baby girl is already five years old. How does time fly so fast when you’re an adult? I have been blessed beyond measure to be trusted by God with such amazing children. I am thankful. I celebrate.

When she woke up yesterday, my husband and I were waiting for her downstairs. She popped her head over the banister and I said, “Good morning birthday girl, How does it feel to be five?”

She responded, “I’m not five yet, I’m still four.”

I explained that she was four last night but then she went to sleep and woke up and now it was April 23rd, her birthday.”

She was not too happy and she proceeded with,

“I’m not five years old mom. No one has celebrated me!”

{laugh} too cute, too cute! Even she understands that there are moments in our lives that require celebration! I love it!

Of course we needed to celebrate. How could I have thought that one could turn another year older without celebrations ;0) ? And so, celebrate we did.


Birthday Collage2


{Photo Wall}




{My Little Pony Cake/ Sundaes}

Birthday Collage 4


{Candy and Snacks}

Birthday Collage 3


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