{Life Out Of The Messy Garden}

It’s those small moments that count. Those small moments of surprise and learning that make each day worth living. Between the laundry, the cooking, the cleaning and the rest of it all, I get to enjoy many of those moments with my children.

Last month I shared with you about our Herb Garden Kit. My daughter would go to the window and look at it every single day to see if there was any growth. It was sheer joy and delight to see the seeds crack open and reveal a small bud. Then each day that followed they miraculously grew bigger and bigger. I recommend any parent of a young child to plant something, anything and watch the wonder, the surprise and the delight as your kids see the miracles of God in action.


Now, I do have to give you a warning. If you attempt to plant anything with your child. Make sure you leave your plants in a safe place. About a week ago, my daughter was riding her bike in our sunroom when she crashed into the wall and down came our precious herb garden. All of it on the floor.

I didn’t mean to do it mommy…….

I tried to put the soil and small plants back into their place but they no longer looked nice and perfect. They were no longer in nice rows and some of the longer ones were bent and squished. It was a sight indeed. Disappointment filled my daughters face. As I swept up the remaining dirt on our sunroom floor, I said, “well, I hope they live.”

And so we watched our herb garden over the next week…

And I am pleased to say that they continue to live. You can tell it’s been through something, because some of the leaves still don’t look quite right…but nonetheless, they live.

Reminds me of myself.

I’ve been that bud growing in fertile soil, watered, and taken care of.

And I’ve also been dropped. Scarred, broken, imperfect.

What an awesome God I serve. That He would take my brokenness, my mess, the dirt, the bud, all of it and continue to bring forth life!!


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