{How Much Do You Love Yourself?}

1- How Much Do You Love Yourself

It’s difficult to walk in God’s purpose for your life when you’re busy condemning yourself and wallowing in guilt, shame, insecurity, fear, doubt, anxiety and the like. It’s hard to walk in the assignment God has for your life when you haven’t yet forgiven yourself for past mistakes and failures.

This was the case for me, for many years. I will be turning 31 on May 8th and sadly, it has taken  years to come to terms with this. It’s taken me much prayer, sorting, and scripture to help me realize that I must believe what God’s word says about me…

I am fearfully

and wonderfully made…

(Psalms 139: 14)

My pursuit to live an abundant life in Christ, begins with understanding that I am loved by the Almighty, even though I am imperfect. When I accept this, I learn to love myself, to respect myself, and make choices based on God’s assignment for my life.

When you love yourself, you do not compromise the call upon your life.

You don’t settle for mediocre.

You believe God is good and He is good over your life.

When you learn to love yourself, you stop seeking approval from people around you. You stop living your life based on how others make you ‘feel’. Rather, you live based on what God’s word says about you.

If God thinks I’m wonderful, then it must be so. If you don’t agree with it, unfortunately, I’m not in a position to debate the Creator.

So how about you? Are you at peace with yourself? Even with your weaknesses, limitations, and failures, are you at peace with the ‘you’ God created you to be? If not, I challenge you to take some time and read through Psalm 139. I challenge you to have some one-on-one time with God. Allow Him to clear up all misconceptions and lies which have been embedded into you heart and mind. Allow Him to renew your perception of yourself by His truth.

And remember, when the decisions of life come up in front of you- ask yourself… How much do you love yourself? Then act according to the knowledge that because you are loved wholly and perfectly by God, you must therefore, love yourself enough to say ‘no’ to the garbage and ‘yes’ to your assignment.


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  1. to love urself < u must first appreciate ur life ie ur what u do.

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