{Inexpensive Family Fun: Bushkill Falls}

If you haven’t been to Bushkill Falls, you are missing one of Pennsylvania’s most beautiful and awe inspiring landscapes. The beauty of God’s creation amazes me each time I visit. The best part about the experience is the price. For about the cost of a medium pizza, about $11 (that’s per person), you can go on a hike through the ‘Niagara’s of the Poconos’.


As the waters begin their descent toward the Delaware River far below, they move ever faster toward Bushkill Falls, rushing over Pennell Falls, then between rocky walls through the Upper Canyon and Laurel Glen.

Suddenly the stream drops over the edge of a 100-foot cliff, the majestic Main Falls. From the deep pool at the bottom, banked by ferns, mosses, and wild flowers, the creek now drops another seventy feet through a long and spectacular gorge strewn with gigantic boulders. Trails and bridges lace the area, affording splendid views.

-Bushkill Falls website (history)

We plan on getting out there this month. We love going on the 2 hour hike. It takes you up and down cliffs and through trail ways next to the river, it’s amazing. By the way, they have hikes suitable for all ages and fitness levels, from a 15 minute hike to the 2 hour hike. We end the day with a packed lunch and if we’re up for it, a stop at the Poconos flea-market, it’s one of the biggest I’ve ever been to.

If you love the outdoors and you’re looking for an inexpensive outing, Bushkill Falls is open April thru November. Check their website {here} for more information.

So how about you? What inexpensive family fun ideas do you have? I would love to hear from you!!!


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