{The Walk To Calvary}

imageIt’s Thursday! Good Friday is one day away and Easter, right around the corner. You came along while I prepared my heart for Easter. You came with me when I taught my children the amazing story of Jesus’ death and glorious resurrection. You’ve even stopped by and shared in the Spring and Easter Fun.

What you missed though, was a moment I had between Preparing My Heart For Easter and Making Rice Crispies Peeps Nest. It was one of those moments which can only be ordained by God. It’s those moments when the weight of the world is on your shoulders and all the while, you didn’t even realize it. It’s those moments when life and spirit collide and you have nothing to say. Not one word to explain all that is happening inside, because really- how do you explain something you do not understand?

It’s the moment where you have a breakdown because you’re spirit is so heavy and you just don’t even have the words to express it.

I had one of those moments, and then I was reminded of my desire to walk with Jesus through this Easter. I was reminded of my desire to walk through the entire experience without missing any of it. I was reminded that out of my heart came a desire to experience it all from the triumphal entry to the resurrection tomb.

And somewhere between Palm Sunday and Easter Sunday, I experienced my great need for a Savior… again.

I experienced the deprivation of my soul. I became the Samaritan woman at the well with an insatiable thirst, a thirst that only Jesus could fill (John 4). I became the crippled man at the pool of Bethesda, and there was Jesus, the one whose words held the power to heal my infirmity (John 5). On and on it went. As I traveled with Jesus through the Gospel of John, I didn’t see a bunch of people disconnected from my world. Instead, I saw myself. My need, my hunger, my depravity, my infirmity, my guilt, my sin, my blindness, my loss, my redemption, my salvation, my resurrection in Christ.

And I wept.

I repented.

I rejoiced.

I rested in Him.

Yes, indeed, I am walking this journey with Jesus. Easter will never again be the same for me!!


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