{Spring & Easter: Fun and crafts}

Since Spring hit the calendar, we’ve been working on some crafts and having fun with food. Some are really easy, others took more work and time. But all of them, were fun and helped bring in the Spring-time atmosphere and fun.

{Coffee Filter Butterflies}

We simply took coffee filters and used Food Coloring to splash dots around the coffee filters. We then placed them in a bowl with a small amount of water and watched as the colors ran into each other. This was messy, and I recommend having a place to hang dry. I didn’t think about that so I was running around the kitchen with food dye dripping from a filter. Once they dried, we simply  scrunched up the filter in the middle using a wooden clothes pin to hold. Drew some eyes and a smile, and walah… Instant butterfly.


{Resurrection Eggs}

These were a lot of fun to make and I foresee us using them for many years to come to tell the Easter Story. Click {here} to find out how we made these.


{Planting An Herb Garden}

It has been a lot of fun watching the faces of my children as they check our herb garden each week. Seeing it go from dirt to sprouting plants reminds us of the amazing work of God. He takes one seed and in order for life to occur, the seed must break and life sprouts. Awesome! Can’t wait for our herb garden to get a little bigger so that we can actually use them in our cooking. See our original post {here}.



{Egg Decorating}

‘Lem’ enjoyed this craft. Simply cut out whatever tissue paper you can find…. pink, purple, and sparkles… her favorites. I created a template of an egg using the oval shape in Office Publisher, printed it out and put glue. Lem glued the tissue to her liking and created her masterpiece. We used a hole puncher, punched a hole into it and added some ribbon to hang, but she decided it made a better necklace, {smile}. Gotta love her. She sees the possibilities in everything!



{Little Peeps Nest}

This was lots of fun and oh-so-messy!!! I saw a version like this online, but then a friend posted some she made with the Peeps chick. I fell in love with them immediately.

{Tip she gave me}

[use] “Chow mein noodles….made just like rice crispies:) the noodles look like little sticks….they resemble “a nest” more;).”


Too bad I had already bought the Chocolate Rice Crispies. Still they came out great!  ‘Lem’ (Lemon Meringue), loved making these. It was her first time making Rice Crispies treats. It was such a delight watching her marvel as the marshmallows melted and we threw in all the Rice Crispies to make a sticky, but delicious, mess!!


We opted for Cadbury’s Mini Eggs, yum!!! In an effort to spare the eggs, we put the little chick to the side and some eggs on the other side {instead of putting eggs all around the chick}.


Some plastic decorative wrap and some tags and these were great Easter gifts. Lem was really proud of her work and she loved watching her family enjoy the treats she made. And might I add, delicious!!!

Thanks Luz for sharing ;0), you motivated me to go out and try! Definitely an add on to our Easter Holiday traditions!


Alright, that’s it for now. Now you know how we’ve been ringing in the new season. What about you? What Spring and Easter crafts/ family traditions do you have? Send me those comments. I’d love to hear from you!!!


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