{Sacrifice, It’s Required}

I’ve been thinking about Easter a lot lately. Perhaps it has something to do with the fact that I need Jesus’ resurrection power in my life every single day. As I die to self…. or attempt to do so…. I need Jesus to resurrect in me the things He sees fit for my journey and for my eternity with Him.

Today, I have a sense of urgency to take this season of my life and slow down. I’m not talking about being inactive… I’m talking about ‘being present’.

Spiritually, there is a hunger inside of me for more. Physically, there is a hunger inside of me for more.

Could my struggle be due to the fact that I have confused- time and time again- the hunger I am experiencing. Could it be that I am searching for a satisfaction only Jesus can provide? Could most of my struggle be due to the fact that I don’t do well with hunger and I immediately want to satisfy the flesh?

I think about Easter, about Christ’s journey on earth from birth to the cross. Could I live a life so devoted to God that I would live ‘here and now’ even when I know that my life must be one of sacrifice? Could I walk the path given to me if I knew that the final demonstration of this faith would result in flesh nailed to the cross?

I mean- isn’t that what God asks of us daily? Isn’t that the kind of living that the Holy Spirit is calling us to? A life where God’s will, God’s agenda, supersedes our own wants and our own desires?

Isn’t that what our journey here on earth is about; to die to ourselves so that He may live? To bow down so low that all people see is Jesus.

My journey confronts me with a sinful person. So I’m not out there in a club and I’m not living a careless lifestyle in sexual sin…. still, nonetheless… I’m a sinner. Fighting to keep from satisfying the flesh which I can’t run away from. A sinner- in need of Jesus’ resurrecting power in every area of my life.

Knowing that resurrection awaits me (in whatever area of my life) makes dying to self purposeful. It’s one thing to die to self and simply end up dead. It’s a total different thing to die to oneself with the knowledge and understanding that there is life after death. Glorious life.

And so, Easter is just around the corner. Baskets filled with candy will be bought by the thousands. Children will be high on chocolate for days. And where will we be? Will we still be carrying around dead things in our lives. Or will we dare to experience the resurrecting power of Jesus Christ?

This year, I choose to mediate on the Journey of Christ as He made himself to the cross. Starting today, I will throw myself into the Gospels searching for the tools that caused Jesus to live the sacrificial life He did even when He knew the end result.

I want to live that life. How about you?


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