{Kitchen Organization}

It is always so good to have you stop by. Here on {In Pursuit} it is such a delight to share with you all the big things and little things that have helped make a huge difference in our home and and in my own personal life. So thanks again for stopping by. Come often, stay a while…

I’ve gotten a great response to our {6 Days To An Organized Home} Challenge. It’s a Full House imageCleaning Challenge I did at the beginning of the year but it works great for Spring Cleaning.

So feel free to stop on by and get your FREE printable by clicking {here}.


So what did Kitchen Cleaning Day look like?

For starters, we cleaned out all cabinets and drawers (make sure to wipe down). Then we re-arranged items to make cooking more functional for us. Pots and pans moved closer to the stove. Baking dishes which weren’t used as often received a new home. And well, below you will see some of the new organization tricks we used. I must say, I continue to love these small kitchen transforming changes.

Now off to the organization… that’s why you’re here anyway, isn’t it?!!! {smile}

{Lunch Prep Station}

Preparing lunches to go is a must when you have children. Whether it be for school lunches, picnic lunches, or a road trip… having a Lunch Prep Station will help save you lots of time.

Simply gather your lunch preparation items: Lunch bags, sandwich bags, aluminum foil, and whatever else you use. That’s it! I used this green basket from Target’s Dollar Section to help the smaller items stay together. I love it!



{I heart my Coffee Station}

The Coffee Station is just that…. a station for all my coffee needs. When I’m half asleep in the morning, the last thing I want to do is search for filters and sugar. Having it all together makes my morning coffee that much easier!! I shared this with you  before {here}. But it’s a winner so I can’t help but show it off again.




{Dishes, Dishes, Dishes}

I found these plate dividers at a Big Lots in town. It was a while back, but I’m sure you can still find them there or in the organization aisle of your favorite home store. I actually have two of these. I use one to round up my pans and lids. It works great!!!

When organizing dishes, try to keep like items together. Put dishes you rarely use higher up. Or better yet, if you don’t use them, why not donate. The point is to keep the cupboards clutter free. You won’t regret it when it’s dinner time and you only have one free hand. Grabbing a dish will no longer be a dilemma.



{Junk Drawer Make-over with an egg crate}

So how often can you get an organization tool for free???? I love, love, love when I can transform a space without spending any money! Find out how to organize your Junk Drawer by using an egg crate {here}.



{Cleaning Supplies}

I used to spend so much money buying things I already had in the home…. Why? Well because I could never find anything. Finding a home for everything has really helped me in saving money, saving time, and saving my sanity.

Here, a simple Dollar Store plastic bin holds most of the daily/weekly cleaning items. This also works great in the bathroom. Now there’s no excuse. Every thing is exactly where I need it for my weekly Full House Cleaning and my daily {20 Minute Cleaning Challenge}.


Alright, so there you have it. Some of the simple ways I organize my kitchen. I hope you were able to find some ideas and get motivated to put some order in your own kitchen. And when you do, don’t forget to stop by and share. I’d love to hear from you!!


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  1. Great ideas! I love the egg carton junk-drawer suggestion. 🙂

    • Thanks. I saw a beautiful turquoise porcelain egg crate I loved and wanted. But I was so not willing to pay the money for it. When I looked at the egg crate in my fridge, the flash bulb went off. I knew I could make it work. It would be great for kids rooms: barrettes, jewelry, etc.

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