{Facing The Ugly}

Another guest post from ELEVATE YOUR MIND written in February of 2011. For more devotionals click {here}.


From the depths of my soul, I search for righteousness.

Instead, running through the corridors of my heart, I am surrounded by the walls of sin that threaten to close me in.

I seek righteousness, holiness, a place where purity shines forth like the morning light- Instead, I find darkness.

Search me O’ Lord, open the doors to those small rooms which have been closed, locked, keys thrown away.

Search me O’ Lord, for You desire truth in my inner most parts- In the places which nobody sees, those rooms whose doors display great big signs with bold letters saying, “DO NOT ENTER!”

From the depths of my soul, I search for righteousness, for holiness, for purity…

Instead, I find pride. I find selfishness. I find altars raised up to the idols of this world.

If it wasn’t for the fact that you still love me, I’d run…. I’d run until I couldn’t run any further. I’d run from your holiness knowing that my sin could never look into the face of perfection.

If it wasn’t for your mercy, I’d run… I’d run away from the light which exposes what’s in my darkness.

If it wasn’t for your forgiveness, I’d run… Away from the One whose eyes show compassion.

O’ Lord, search me, try me, and know my wicked ways.

Forgive me, renew me and keep me.

As for me, I will one day see Your face in righteousness, I will no longer feel the need to run-

Because I will finally be satisfied when I awake in your likeness!


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