{Date Night Challenge}

imageLast night our church, 3rd Day Worship Center, partnered with Focus On The Family for the {DATE NIGHT CHALLENGE}. What an awesome time of fun, fellowship and laughter!

The featured guests were Dr. Greg and Erin Smalley, comedian Jeff Allen, Rev. Samuel Rodriguez, and singer Michael O’Brien.

The webinar was a lot of fun and from the laughter coming from our sanctuary, I am sure that I was not the only one who enjoyed myself.

{Laughter Is Key}

I was reminded that laughter brings marriages together. There’s nothing like a good laugh to turn things around in those ‘difficult’ moments. At 30 years of age, I was also reminded that play is a huge part of keeping a marriage young… and we all know how important it is to ‘stay young’!

Here’s  a little clip of comedian Jeff Allen. I am sure you will immediately know why we found him to be such a delight!

{Weekly Date Night= A Must!}

Another important thing I learned from Rev. Samuel Rodriguez was the importance of the weekly date night for couples. Our days can get hectic. It’s important to be able to come together away from the stress and simply talk about ‘us’… no CHILD TALK allowed. This would not be a weekly session on the budget or the child’s last trip to the principal’s office. Instead, it would be a time together to focus on each other and your marriage. I know what you’re thinking:

“But I don’t have enough money to go on weekly date nights…I can’t afford that…”

I beg to differ. You can’t afford NOT TO go on weekly date nights! Your marriage depends on the effort and work you put into it. I guess the better question would be:

How important is your marriage to you?

Some date nights can be as simple as:

  • getting a cup of coffee together
  • sitting out on the porch once the kids are put to bed
  • getting a slice of pizza and sharing over lunch
  • (__you fill in the blank________)

{The Date Night Challenge Continues…}

Don’t forget, the {Date Night Challenge} continues. It’s time to take our marriages back. It’s time to bring refreshment and renewal to an otherwise monotonous life. It’s your Love Life… fire it up!

For those who are interested in finding out more information on the continuance of the {DATE NIGHT CHALLENGE}, simply check out the Focus On The Family website {here}. <—– this link will take you to an overview and some ideas of how to continue working on your own {DATE NIGHT CHALLENGE}.

Let the sparks begin!!!


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