{Learning Addition: Dice Game}


Good morning ya’ll. I am so excited to have you with us today. Today we have a guest post from the {The Collazo Family Journal}. 

Part of homeschooling requires that I show a portfolio of what my daughter has been learning throughout the year. I figured this would be a great way to update you on the homeschool life here at the Collazo residence as well as working on my portfolio along the way!!!

If you are a {Homeschooler or Preschooler Mom}, I welcome you and I look forward to getting to know you better.

Click {here} for today’s post, {Learning Addition: Dice Game}.


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  1. I clicked over and read the post. Neat way to work on math…love hands-on learning because my daughter remembers it so much easier. Thanks for sharing a fun way to learn something not so fun.

    Jackie–A Mom who takes the easy way out when it comes to homeschool portfolios!
    My Attempt at Blogging

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