{We Are All Looking For Purpose, Have You Found It?}

Yesterday something strange happened to me. I got a link back to one of my blog post entries (that’s not the weird part). Before I accept link backs, I click on the requester and check out their site. What I came across left me thinking about my life, my purpose and my pursuit.

The entry was written by a male who seemed to be searching for purpose in his own life. One of the entries questioned the idea of finding ‘God the Father’. He struggled with the ‘tantalizing’ idea of finding a closeness to ‘God THE FATHER’.

The questions he had. The anxiety and depression he spoke about- all of it part of the condition of the human soul.

On the page before me laid sentence after sentence of the struggle of the soul and I immediately thought, I have the answer to your search. How easy it would be to write a comment on his blog and say, ‘Oh hey, by the way, Jesus is the answer to your life questions’.

However, by the looks of the content on the site, this man is deep in anxiety and depression as he struggles with his his search. He mentioned over and over again,’being the master of your destiny’.

To be honest with you I was saddened. I was hit with the realization that souls such as this mans are out there searching for answers, searching for purpose and coming out empty handed. The world has nothing to offer us. It has nothing that is lasting, nothing that we can hold onto forever. Even this skin that we walk in, rots and decays each day more and more- a constant reminder of its mortality.

How I thank God that He sent His son, Jesus Christ, to redeem me of my sins! How grateful I am to my Lord and Savior that even though I still have big questions, I have a big God whose very act of sacrificial love for me is suffice.

I can’t help but be filled with gratitude, joy, and an overwhelming sense of peace knowing that my soul is secured for eternity. That although dust returns to dust, my soul will forever reign in eternity with Christ.

In my search for purpose, I am not overshadowed by my inabilities and my weaknesses. Instead I am focused on the greater purpose on which my entire being rests… to worship!

Although I rejoice in my own knowledge of the risen Christ, there’s a sadness in my spirit today for the writer (I mentioned earlier) whose soul leaves him reaching for greatness and always….’almost’ reaching it. For I know that the only greatness that ever fulfills entirely is the greatness found in serving the God we will one day see face to face.

We are all looking for purpose. I am so glad I found it in Christ.

(P.S. I pray for this man and I may just go back to leave him a comment.)


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