{What Does Your week REALLY Look Like?}

Have you ever stopped to consider what your week really looks like? How is it that we all have the same allotted time in each day (24 hours) yet some people do so little, while others seem to do so much?

That was the question at our house last week. My husband and I sat down and wrote some goals for our family. We know imagethat we can either live our lives day by day in a routine, or we can truly stop and ask the hard questions…. What DO we want our lives to look like? What are we WILLING to do to get there? What sacrifices are we determined to make to see change?

That’s when we created the simple tool I will share with you today. And let me just say- I am so excited to share this tool with you because it made a 100% difference in our week the very first time we used it.

So what was it?

Okay, so the answer to your question is quite simple.

First, we thought about the areas in our lives in which we need structure, re-organization, balance, and change. You can use a simple notebook page for this if you’d like, but we used an Excel spreadsheet. I like how simple it is to work with and make tables, boxes, or whatever else we want to customize it.

A starter list of categories could look like:

  • Relationship With God
  • Marriage
  • Children
  • Home
  • Finances
  • Work

We then took that list of categories and wrote down different things we’d like to do/change/implement (use bullet points to make it easy to distinguish each item on your list).

An example could be:


  • Come together in prayer weekly about this
  • Make budget
  • Pay off debt
  • Build emergency fund

Remember, this is your list. There is no right/wrong way to do this. Be honest with yourself about where you are and be clear about where you want to be. Don’t forget to set a clear date by which you wish to have that goal reached. Hold each other accountable.

Feel free to check out my  {Get Those Life Goals Down On Paper} post for your free printable!

Okay, Okay… the tool?

Ah, yes… the tool! As you know (if you’ve been here before), I love to use a planner. I prefer those that I can see in front of me. I love to write down the information (dates, events, to do lists). And I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE to check them off as I go. Few things feel as good as checking something off of my to-do list. Sound a bit crazy to you? Well, let’s just say that I am a recovering procrastinator…. Enough said!

The tool… yes, the tool!!!! Let me get there will ya’?!

Again, you can do this on notebook paper. I used Excel because it makes it so much easier and neater.

1. Write down the hours in a day in half hour increments. You can choose to write down the full 24 hours, however, to save myself space and paper, I simply started with 5:00 am (when I get up) up until 11:30 pm (just in case I have any late nights).

So going down the left hand side write out 5:00 am, 5:30 am, 6:00 am, 6:30 am, 7:00 am… up until whatever time you want your schedule to show.

On the top (from left to right) write out the days of the week starting with Sunday ending with Saturday.

Now go ahead and fill in your time slots. What does your week usually look like? Write in things like devotional time, church time, work, cleaning, cooking, family times. Be honest.

What does your week REALLY look like?

When my husband and I first looked at our Week At A Glance sheet, we were quite surprised. Perhaps it had something to do with the fact that I color coded everything and you could REALLY see where our time went (or where it lacked!!!!). With one quick glance at the colors, we could see how much yellow (family time) was on there. How much blue (God, church, prayer, devotionals, serving) was really showing on our schedule? How much green (work time)? How much pink (marriage time)? How many slots were empty meaning that they were carelessly being filled in with ‘stuff’?

2. Now look at your first page of goals. Have you been spending your time in a way that honors God and His plan for your life? How much time have you wasted on television, on the internet, on nothing?

By looking at your goals and then looking at your weekly schedule, can you see the clear and precise steps you are taking to fulfill those goals?

If your goal is to have a deeper relationship with God, is that reflected by the time you allocate for prayer, reading of the Scriptures, serving, and going to church?

If your goal is to be healthy, is exercise deliberately placed in your schedule?

Want to be debt free? Does your schedule show a weekly time where you are taking a look at your finances and keeping on track with the bills/ saving?

Go ahead. I dare you to evaluate where you want to be verses where you are.

What does your week REALLY look like?

Why not begin to implement the changes that will actually get you where you want to go?

Now don’t get me wrong. I’m not talking about making our planners idols and concrete with no room for the things that come up. As Christians, it is important that we be good stewards of our time and yes a calendar and planner can help bring order. However, do not become so rigid that you do not make room for the leading of the Holy Spirit at any given moment. Do not go from one extreme (no preparation) to the other (idolization of our schedules).

One thing that seemed to go well for my husband and I was that we made a weekly schedule that incorporated our goals. That’s the MASTER SHEET, then we had our own schedules printed out. So each of our sheets has FAMILY TIME, MARRIAGE TIME, CHURCH TIME, filled into the same slots, but depending on our individual responsibilities/ hobbies (WORK, HOMESCHOOLING, SCHOOLING, FITNESS, COOKING), the other slots in the day vary (I hope that makes sense).

Your turn….

Click here for your {Week At A Glance} note sleeping hours not shown on spreadsheet.

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