{Organization: The Wrapping Station}

Okay, so it’s time to go to a party…. birthday party, baby shower, wedding party, graduation party… and any other party out there. You know the scenario. The party starts at 5 pm. It’s 4 pm and you are standing at the line at your local Target buying another gift bag or roll of wrapping paper.

You know you have a brand new roll somewhere at home, but it’s too late to start looking for it now. You should be on your way to the party, instead you are standing in line buying  wrapping paper that you wouldn’t be buying had you been responsible and put everything away last time you were in this predicament.

Alright, alright, next time… next time I will put the stuff back where I can find them.

Okay so you make a dash to the car and you begin to wrap your precious gift in the front seat of the car. You stash all the extra supplies in the bag and hide it under the passenger seat because of course….. no one should know that you wrapped your oh-so-thought-out gift in the front seat of your car right? Right!!!


Today, your wrapping dilemmas are over! In less than 15 minutes, you can create a {Wrapping Station} to house all your gift wrapping tools..


Gather all your supplies:

  • gift bags
  • wrapping paper
  • tissue paper
  • tape
  • scissors
  • bows
  • cards (birthday cards, party cards, etc.)
  • ribbons


Find a container to house these all in one area. Worst case scenario, even a bag will due. The point is to have them all in one location so that when you need them, you know where to go.



This is an old plastic Rubbermaid  bin I’ve had for over 10 years. It used to be my scrapbooking organizing bin. However, since I haven’t scrapbooked since my son was a little boy, I thought I’d make better use of it.

I emptied it out, wiped it down and then re-filled it with my gift wrapping items.

First I put in all the bows I got on sale at Target (for 90 cents in the after Christmas Sale! ) Can you say BARGAIN?!!!


I filled one big gift bag with all the smaller gift bags to save room and into the bin they went.


I filled up one of the two trays from my bin with the flat folded wrapping paper, tissue paper, ribbons, and cards.



Don’t forget to add your tape and extra pair of scissors and your gift wrapping dilemmas are over!!!


Stop by and let me know what your gift wrapping station looks like. I want to hear from you!!!


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