{One Month To Live}

Darlene Collazo

May 8, 1981 – ?

“One Month To Live” , that’s the title of a book I picked up at the Library earlier this week.  The authors, Kerry and Chris Shook go on to talk about how they enjoy looking at tombstones. Each comes with different names, dates, and sometimes pictures, quotes or descriptions. But they all have some things in common. Each tombstone has the date the person was born and the date the person died…both of these dates, you have no control over. You do not determine these dates.

Then there’s that one interesting ‘dash’ between the date of birth and the date of death. That ‘dash’ in-between is the representation of that persons life. All tombstones have dashes yet all dashes mean different lives lived in different ways.

The author poses the question:

“What do you want that dash to represent in your life?”

And that’s where it all began… a multitude of questions, answers, thoughts, and ideas running through my mind.

If my day came tomorrow. What would that dash represent in my young 30 years of life? Would that dash reflect all that God created me to be? Would that dash represent mediocrity, status quo, and barrenness? Would that dash represent a woman of faith, a life of prayer, a life after the heart and purposes of God?

If I had one month left to live, would my life, as I live it today, change? Would my choices be different? Would my friendships be deeper? Would my relationships be more meaningful in order that the ‘dash’ of my life would reflect a life lived on purpose and with purpose?

I’ve got a lot to think about. A lot to reflect on. There’s a story being told and I am the lead character. My choices, my decisions, my attitude, my dreams, my pursuits… all of it part of an even greater story, God’s story.

Today, I open my heart, my mind, and my spirit and I fine tune my hearing that I may hear clearly the leading of the Holy Spirit as He leads me and directs me in purpose, in substance, in His perfect plan. The ‘dash’ of my life. The ‘in-between of it all. May it glorify God. May it touch those around me. May it leave behind a legacy.


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