{End Of The Year Makeover: Day 3, Finances}

Hey ya’ll. I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas! Now that the presents have been opened and the wrapping paper thrown out, it’s time to continue with our {End Of The Year Makeover}! I don’t know about you, but I am excited to end 2011 on a good note. I am excited to take these last days to put order and even more so- I am excited that you’ve decided to join me on this journey!

I cannot stress enough how much of an encouragement you all have been each day. Your emails, notes, and comments give me hope for a new breed of women! Women who are not just sitting around waiting for life to happen. Women who are not sitting in the corner crying about all that is ‘wrong’ in their lives. Women who are {In Pursuit} of God’s best for their lives!


You ladies rock! It is awesome to see women on fire for God. Women who are willing to fight for their families, fight for their marriages, fight for their children, fight for their calling…. you ladies are amazing!!!! That’s why you make it so easy for me to get up each morning and share a bit about my own journey. Your life stories speak to me in ways you could not imagine. Your testimonies, your struggles, your weaknesses and of course your victories…. they all give me the motivation to continue pursuing God’s best for my own life and to continue sharing what I’ve learned.

So, grab your cup of coffee and get comfortable. Some of the topics around here are easy and laid back… like crafts with your kids. Other topics are much more difficult to deal with…like working at a {Healthy Lifestyle} or getting out of Debt. But every day here at {In Pursuit} is a day when we are walking in God’s purpose for our lives!!!

Here we go…

Last week on Friday we started the {End Of The Year Makeover}. Click {here} to read up on Day 1 and Day 2.

Join me this last week of 2011 as we:

  • Clean our homes.
  • Do our {End of the Year Evaluation} and assess our relationship with God.
  • Assess our finances {MONDAY: Journey to Financial Freedom}
  • Assess our health and personal care {TUESDAY: Accountability Partners}
  • Assess our marriages {WEDNESDAY: Marriage & Family}
  • Assess our parenting {THURSDAY: Marriage & Family}
  • Take another look at our {Life Goals} {FRIDAY: Taking Care of Me}

{Alright, so it’s Day 3}

Day 3 is about assessing our Finances. Many of you have already begun the {Journey to Financial Freedom} with me. It truly has been an eye-opening journey. In our family, my husband and I have learned that a financial mess quickly spills out into other areas of our lives. It is like mildew and mold that keeps spreading… sometimes visible and sometimes invisible… yet always doing damage if not taken care of.

The whole point of making this assessment today is so that:

  • we can have some order as we enter the New Year.
  • we can take a quick glimpse at where we went wrong and where we went right.
  • we can assess how we are doing on our Journey Towards Financial Freedom.
  • we can correct any areas in which we are deviating from our goals due to foolishness, laziness, or lack of preparation.
  • we can set our plan and bring it to God that He would establish the work of our hands.

By the time we are done with our assessment we will know exactly where we are.

I know, I know… some of you are afraid of knowing where you are… especially after all the Christmas shopping you did. But you know, there is no scarier place to be at than the ‘unknown’. Knowing where you are, whether good or bad, gives you room and incentive to move in some type of direction.

I pray that you too would take a moment to make this assessment of your finances then outline a quick budget for 2012.

Some of the articles here on {In Pursuit} that might be beneficial for you today are….

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Week 2: Journey to Financial Freedom, Income & Spending Plan

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Week 3: Journey to Financial Freedom, Do Something!

Week 3: Journey to Financial Freedom- The Envelope System

See you tomorrow when our {End Of The Year Makeover} takes us to our assessment of our health this year. You don’t want to miss it!


The {End Of The Year Makeover} is about finding the joy that comes from a life lived on purpose and with purpose. It’s the life of abundance that God has for us all!

I want to hear from you! What end of the year changes are you making? How is taking a closer look at your life impacting how you enter into the New Year? What cleaning tips do you have? Whatever it is.. Send me your comments and emails…I want to hear about it!


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