{End Of The Year Makeover: Day 1 & 2, Cleaning and Year End Evaluation}

I am so excited you stopped by today… We have one more week left in 2011 and boy-oh- boy am I excited! 2011 has been such an amazing year. Don’t get me wrong. I’m not saying I didn’t have my share of difficult times… because I sure did!!! What I am saying is that 2011 was a year of major growth and change in my life. Everything from my attitude to the way I took care of my home… all of it went through a major overhaul.

Now, before you close out this blog and sneer at me with a ‘whatever!’…. Let me just say that ‘no, my life is not perfect’. I mean- really? How interesting would that be? And no, my house is not in perfect order (although I admit, I am striving for order)… and no, my children are not well-behaved angels all the time (although they are definitely gifts of God sent to my life)!  So don’t get all crazy on me. You and me, we are a lot alike. We both have areas in our lives that needs some straightening out. We both have drawers and cabinets with outdated items and paper scraps. We both have things that we look at daily that we wish would just go away…

But in truth, my friends… nothing will happen in our lives lest we take action.

Nothing will change, lest me make the effort to bring about change.

So this week, as I prepare myself for the end of this most amazing year, I am taking time to sort through some things. Feel free to join me as we make every effort to end this year in order.

Join me this last week of 2011 as we:

  • Clean our homes.
  • Do our {End of the Year Evaluation} and assess our relationship with God.
  • Assess our finances {MONDAY: Journey to Financial Freedom}
  • Assess our health and personal care {TUESDAY: Accountability Partners}
  • Assess our marriages {WEDNESDAY: Marriage & Family}
  • Assess our parenting {THURSDAY: Marriage & Family}
  • Take another look at our {Life Goals} {FRIDAY: Taking Care of Me}

{Alright, so it’s Day 1}

Since tomorrow is Saturday, Christmas Eve, I want to give you a head start. Take this day to get your house in order. If you need some ideas on how to get things done faster, check out some of the tips I learned from a hotel stay by clicking {here} and {here}.  There’s not much to say about this except… go ahead and get started. It’s not going to get done unless you do it!

I promise you that tomorrow, when you are preparing for your Christmas celebration, you will be so happy that you took this time to clean/ organize.

{Day 2}

Now that your house is in order, you are better able to think clearly. It’s time to sit down with the  {End of the Year Evaluation}. I don’t want to miss a thing. I don’t want to miss what God has done and what He is doing. Today I take the time to ponder on the goodness of God in my life. I take the time to align myself. I take the time to be present and available for whatever it is God wants to do.

Simple huh? Our End of the Year Makeover has begun. Don’t you feel good already? I love the sense of hope and satisfaction that comes from taking a good look at where I am and looking forward to what God has for my life.

I know life can be complicated. I know the holiday season can sometimes be stressful and even depressing. But I promise you- there is real hope and encouragement that comes from facing life and facing your ‘now moment’. There is a peace that comes when we take action and bring our failures, our struggles, our plans, and our dreams to the Lord.

The {End Of The Year Makeover} is about finding the joy that comes from a life lived on purpose and with purpose. It’s the life of abundance that God has for us all!

I want to hear from you! What end of the year changes are you making? How is taking a closer look at your life impacting how you enter into the New Year? What cleaning tips do you have? Whatever it is.. Send me your comments and emails…I want to hear about it!


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