{Crafts and Ideas For The Christmas Season}

There’s a lot you can do with your kids during the Christmas season. The important thing to do is to make it a point to carve out that family time. Check out some of these great ideas which are sure to build memories that will last for years to come!


Build your own Christmas Village out of brown lunch bags. I did this with our kids a few years back. It’s quite simple and they loved it. Take out any supplies you have like crayons, markers, paint, stickers, craft paper, scrapbook paper, lunch bags and then create!!!

Another option is to print out a free Christmas Village printable from the FAMILY FUN website. Click {here} to get a printable which you can cut out and put together piece by piece. When you finish, your Christmas Village should look like the one below.


Baking is a tradition in our home each Christmas. Although I still haven’t gotten around to decorating cookies beautifully… maybe next year {laugh}… we sit with the kids and they make a list of who they want to gift with cookies this year and then we bake. They love to be a part of the giving process and it’s one of the items on our top to-do list each year.

FAMILY FUN has great ideas on making your own decorative cookie bags  (or gift bags) out of lunch bags. These are adorable. I hope to try these out this year:

The Reindeer Gift Bag…. it is too cute and looks so simple to make… {click here to get instructions}

The Snowman Gift Bag… again, looks very easy to do especially for smaller kids and they are sure to love the end results… {click here to get instructions}

The Candy Cane Gift Bag… who doesn’t love candy canes? {click here to get instructions}


Build your own gingerbread houses. They sell kits to make this easier and if you get yourself a coupon you can sometimes get these for as low as $5.00. Kids love to build them and they love to eat the candy afterwards!


Check out the Christmas lights in your neighborhood. My neighborhood hosts  LIGHTS IN THE PARKWAY each year. For a few dollars you can pack up your vehicle and take a 25 minute car ride through the park.  “This drive-through light display covers more than a mile of one of Allentown’s most beautiful parks (Lehigh Parkway) and features lighted trees, light tunnels and animated displays.”


Get your pajamas on. Invite the family over for hot chocolate with marshmallows and old Christmas favorites like THE CHRISTMAS CAROL, MIRACLE ON 34TH ST, HOME ALONE (that’s for my husband, he loves it), THE CHRISTMAS STORY.


Why not gather the kids, some jingle bells and go caroling with your family and friends. I mean really- what other time of the year can you do something so spontaneous and silly? When I was little, we used to pack up the van and uncles, aunts, cousins, and even grandma got in on it with her ‘guiro’. I remember going from house to house where they always had some delicious treats waiting. We had so many laughs… hmmm. I wonder when I got too ‘old’ for that type of fun? Perhaps I need to go find my tambourine and start practicing some tunes… {smile}.


We emphasize that Christmas is about the birth of Jesus. In our home we have a tradition we’ve done for about 4 years. It’s Jesus’ birthday so on Christmas Eve we bake a cake. About 30 minutes before 12 midnight, we all sit down in the Living Room where we read the story of Jesus’ birth. We go around and talk about what we are thankful for this Christmas. We sing happy birthday to Jesus and end in prayer. Our kids love the countdown to Midnight. And while I know they are excited to open their own presents, we want to bring some stillness, awe, and praise to such an amazing moment in history! After opening presents everyone enjoys the cake.

These are just a few of the ideas that can help make this time of the year fun and less stressful. Moments like these… simple, filled with laughter and family…. these are the moments remembered long after the new game system stops working.

So how about you? What ideas do you have? I would love to hear from you!


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