{Trade It All In For a Life Of Purpose}

Have you ever felt like life is a blurry journey with no clear path, no direction, no true destination? If that’s you, if you’ve walked along aimlessly without purpose and without true joy and satisfaction, I invite you to stop right where you are and trade that in for a life where each breath brings with it peace and joy, satisfaction and wonder.

How can I offer you something so amazingly different from your current existence? Well, because I’ve experienced it.

{In Pursuit} is about my journey, my quest to live an abundant life in Christ. In the process, I share with you what I’ve learned, what worked, what didn’t work. In my sharing, I reap the rewards that come with the many emails and posts. Your lives changing and transforming… your ideas…my bit and your bit on this most amazing journey!

And because I am {In Pursuit}, I can tell you that in the past year, I have traded in a blurry, fuzzy, fearful existence with a day by day, moment by moment, breath by breath experience with Christ. Did you know that depression and anxiety, worry and fear, doubt and anger do not have control over you? Did you know that laziness and procrastination can only rob you of all that’s yours IF you allow them to?

Perhaps you’re here to see a craft or another great organization idea and you know, all of those are necessary because order is required in our homes. However my pursuit goes beyond the order in my cupboards. It begins with internal order. Order in the compartments of my soul that in the past have taken over and shredded to pieces all the hard work I put into life. It is here, in this place where I am now allowing the Holy Spirit to meet me. In this place, He makes things new. He transforms me, frees me, and shows me a new way of life.

How could I find the words to express this way of living? It’s beyond what my mere vocabulary can conjure up. It goes beyond what I am able to put into words. It’s a way of living that is in Christ. Every decision, every move, every thought… must be aligned and submitted to His authority.

And when it’s not…. you feel it so heavy in your spirit.

See, I was created for greatness. I know that. I’ve always known that. That specific knowledge has brought with it so much of a challenge. Life, circumstances, situations, battles, fears, doubts… all of these have challenged that very truth…. I was created for greatness.

And you know. I’m not happy with myself when I am not living at the standard God’s called me to. I’m not happy with myself when I am not producing at the level I am capable of. I am not happy with myself when I go into slack mode, lazy and procrastination mode…

Why? Because that’s not me.

So yeah, I promise you, there is a different way of living life. A way where you actually do what you are called to. And you know sometimes, many times…. greatness will await you at the kitchen sink with a sink full of dirty and greasy dishes. Sometimes, many times…. greatness will await you in a kids room with toys and clothes thrown all over the place. Sometimes, many times…. greatness will await you in the corner of a sitting area where a single mother has nothing to feed her family, or a widow needs a ride down the street, or a person who is homeless needs a bite to eat.

It is in those moments, small moments, that eternity and present meet. They collide and something happens. Your ordinary, your fuzzy becomes clear, it becomes precious, it becomes holy.

So again, if you’ve been walking aimlessly without purpose. I invite you to trade that life in for a life of wonder and excitement. A life where heaven continuously kisses earth and the glory of God is experienced in our day-to-day experiences!

I assure you, there’s no other way to live…


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