{Wisdom Journal: A gift to my children and myself}

Hey ya’ll, I am so excited you’ve stopped by this morning. Why? Because I have one of the best ideas to show you…. ever!

As you know, I am on a journey. I am {In Pursuit}…on a quest for God’s abundance. I know, I know… you’re tired of hearing it- but I just can’t help it. It’s  my new motto. It’s the motto that gets me off the couch on lazy days. It’s the motto that gets me up out of the bed for devotional time when all I want to do is stay hidden under the covers… seriously- you didn’t think I jump out of bed cheering did ‘ya?


Some days, I even have to tell my husband… ‘please just roll me off the bed!’

It’s the motto that motivates me to try something new, because Lord knows the old ways of doing things around here were not working!!!!

It’s the motto that comes from the verse, “In Him we live, and move, and have our being (Acts 17:28)”. See, my pursuit is do-able because of this verse. When I can’t do it (whatever ‘it’ may be on that particular day), I remind myself…. ‘In Him I live, I move, and have my being!‘.

Things change. Life becomes do-able. I don’t operate under my own strength. I operate ‘in Him’.

Alright, alright- that’s not what this blog post was about… but I can’t help it. I just get so excited about God’s word, forgive me for going off on a tangent.

Here we go…

This morning, I was reading through the book of Matthew. I stopped at Matthew 11: 28-30:

“Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest. Take my yoke upon you and learn from me, for I am gentle and humble in heart, and you will find rest for your souls. For my yoke is easy and my burden is light.”

That verse jumped out to me because I had just finished telling God in prayer… “I’m exhausted. Help me to find rest in You.”

I kept meditating on that scripture and zoomed in on the part that says, “take my yoke upon you and learn from me,”

Without God, the yoke weighs heavy upon my shoulders. With God, we carry the load together- and we all know- His shoulders are so much broader and stronger than mine. I get that. But how do I learn from Him when I take His yoke upon me?

Could it be that as we walk ‘together’ I am able to see how He handles the work, how He handles the toil in front of us? Could it be that there is wisdom and knowledge in simply watching Him work and operate the same load that I used to handle on my own?

That’s when I began to write in my journal the areas in my life where I am seeking God’s wisdom. I wrote down a list of the areas in which I wanted to ‘learn’ from Him. Then I thought, ‘well… the way to learn is to find out what God’s word has to say about these areas that are weighing heavy on my heart’.

And so, I went through my journals and found a project I had started a while ago, but never really put mind to it. I don’t even have a good name for it, but it’s a {Wisdom Journal} (hee hee, sounds corny, I know). But that’s the best name I have for it now. (P.S. if you have a better name for this project, send it to me! I mean it!).

The {Wisdom Journal} was the perfect tool for my new quest. I love journaling. I have over 15 journals I’ve written since 2003 when I gave my life to the Lord. But the {Wisdom Journal} is intended not for ‘talking to God’ or writing down your prayers, but for growth.

Its intended purpose is for digging into God’s word and finding out what God has to say about whatever situation is on you mind.

This is where I started.

Here’s my everyday journal where I write prayers, thoughts, notes, poems, songs, ideas, and more. Although reading through them is quite fun (I’m amazed at the crazy things that I write and at God’s grace towards my life!). It’s difficult to find anything unless I can remember a certain date associated with an event.

I just love these journals. They have so much room because they are about 8.5″ x 10″. And they are oh-so-cute to look at! The best part is that I found them at Ollies (discount store) for only $4.99. If you know anything about journals, you’d know that they can get expensive. And although you can get some good deals for the smaller ones, these notebook sized journals are hard to come by at a good price. Love, love, love them!

(I bought these months ago. Not sure if they still have them at Ollies. And if they do, don’t go buying them all because I need to restock ;0)…)

Okay so now let’s pick it up. Let me show you how to make the best tool you’ll ever have for gathering all you learn from God’s word…and we will do it in 5 simple steps!!!

{STEP 1}

On the first page of your {Wisdom Journal} write the heading: TABLE OF CONTENTS at the top/center.

{STEP 2}

Then number along the left hand side from 1 to whatever number fits on the last line.

{STEP 3}

Leave two to three pages with the title TABLE OF CONTENTS. Then on the 3rd or 4th page begin to number each page from 1 to however many pages are in your notebook (do this at the bottom). I know it sounds tedious, but it will be well worth it. If you’d like, number about 25 pages and then as you fill them in,  continue numbering.

{STEP 4}

As you begin to look up a topic, write that topic at the top of the page as a header just like you did for the TABLE OF CONTENTS. As you can see in my picture below, my first Category of study was: LOVE.  I wrote my heading for the page: LOVE, THE GREATEST GIFT.

The next Category of study was: HUMILITY. So I wrote it as the heading at the top of the page…

The next Category was: CONFIDENCE. So again, I wrote it as the heading at the top of the page.

{STEP 5}

Now that you know how to set up your pages. Let’s review how this would look in your TABLE OF CONTENTS. Simply list the headings in your TABLE OF CONTENTS and next to each Category write the page number you began to take notes in.


I cannot stress enough how journaling has impacted my life. There are days when I wonder…”man, will I ever get it right?!” and then I glance through some of my older journals and I am reminded of the struggles, the pain, the growth, the victories, the goodness of God in my life… and I say, “surely, You have done a great work in my life!”

I have been able to go back to huge moments in my life and gain wisdom from lessons already learned, yet forgotten. I have been able to see how I’ve handled past situations like: the struggle of singleness, dating, marriage, children, our home, battles of the mind, depression, anxiety, fear, doubt, and so much more.

I look back and sometimes read through pages. Sometimes I share with my husband prayers that I wrote down for him. Other times I see the questions I had about my children or my parenting and I am able to see God’s direction and sovereignty in their lives. I especially love the to go back to the times of financial struggle, and being able to see the hand of the Lord all over our situation. I’ve documented his faithfulness and provision and when I look back at, I have a clear history of God in my life.

I recommend journaling to everyone. As for the {Wisdom Journal}, this is simply an extension of my journaling. It’s a way to gain wisdom from God’s word in a way that will be easily assessable. In the future it will even be a great gift for my children of the rich inheritance carried down throughout the generations in my family.

When I am gone, my children will still be able to reap from my faith journey! How awesome is that?!


Let me know if you begin your own {Wisdom Journal}. Send me your pics. I would love to hear from you!


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  1. Darlene I love this..I love all your ideas but this one so far is one of my favs. I say this because I think that by me journaling this way (instead of ranting about my problems) I am learning to seek for the answers in the Word; which at times i forget to do if I can be honest. Whats a bit funny about this is I have been praying God how can I learn more without feeling overwelmed and for it to really “stick” to my life and here you come with this awesome way!! 😉
    Whats even more funny is last night I am shopping for some ornaments and i come across a pink journal (pink bieng my fav. color) and im like perfect!! I go home to leave a comment here (which I couldnt with my phone smh) and i realize OMG, I just bought the same notebook lol. My table of context will be a little different of course. But thank you so much for this. I am so excited about this journal!!

    • I am so glad you’re enjoying the idea for the {Wisdom Journal}! I love it too! I pray that God would use your own {Growth Journal} as a tool to increase you in wisdom, knowledge, and understanding! May He lead you in His truth always as you seek to know Him more and more!

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