{Healthy Lifestyle: Avoid The Stress}

The holidays are unavoidable. Every year, whether you try to ignore it or not, they show up. We haven’t celebrated Thanksgiving yet and already you can’t go to the store without the Christmas displays and Christmas music following you. It’s unavoidable.

However, one thing that you can do is avoid the stress that comes with the holiday season.


Get your calendar ready. The holidays are filled with parties, events, school recitals, church plays… so much, so much, so much. It can be very easy to get caught up in all the ‘things to do’ that we forget the real reason for the season: Christ, family, and friends. Taking the time to plan ahead will allow you room to enjoy the things you love most about the season. Click {here} to find out more about planning a holiday calendar.


If you’re not careful, you too can get caught in the running around trap. Yes, there’s a lot to do during this season. But rest should be a priority on your calendar. Take time, both for yourself and your family to rest.


About family time… It should be priority on your top to-do list. Get some puzzles and board games out. Take a walk in the park. Play ball outside. Make holiday crafts. Whatever you do, do something together.


Take time out for you and God. This is actually the first thing on your de-stressing list. However, I’m listing it last in hope that it will be the last thing you remember from today’s post. Take that quiet time daily to talk to God and to hear what He has to say to you through His word. This simple daily act will allow you to keep focused on the things that really matter. It will energize you for the task ahead and it will empower you to make it through whatever situation you encounter.

So there you have it, a quick list to help you adjust your calendar during this Holiday season. Remember, it’s about Christ, family, and friends. Don’t let ideas of grand dinner parties and expensive gifts drain the life out of you. Relax, enjoy and avoid the stress!!!


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