{Driving Him Nuts…}

It’s Wednesday…. {Marriage Talk Time}… that’s right. Some of us ladies need to get real and stop acting like we got it like that! Marriage is work and honey, let me tell you- if you aren’t willing to put in the work, some pretty-little-Miss. Thang will be more than happy to step in and take care of business for you! You don’t have to believe me, but you sure better take care of your business! Believing me is irrelevant.

So I’m {In Pursuit} of my husbands’ heart.

You say, ‘Well, you already have it Darlene. Jason loves you and blah, blah, blah’.”

Well, yeah, but I’m not content with that. See, I believe that God has given us the ability to make that man nuts for us! I believe that God has gifted us with the ability to have him fall head-over-heels in love with us- even after many years of marriage.

Who said that marriage had to be boring? Who said that after getting married it’s all is downhill?

Let me help you….

Did you know that your husband likes it when you give him compliments?

YES LADIES!!!! Come on now…. stop complaining about how your husband never calls you beautiful or never tells you anything nice. Instead, come up with something that you like about him and let him know (P.S. and try to sound like you mean it… because he will know if you don’t!!!)

Did you know that men like affection?

They like to be hugged and kissed also. How many times don’t we sit back and get upset that we are not getting hugs and kisses, but really- when was the last time you showered your man with affection?

Did you know that men like words of affirmation?

Your man needs to know that you are proud of him, that no one out there compares to him, that he still makes you crazy. (sidebar: so you don’t have nothing good to say about your husband, eh? Pray about it! I’m so sure that God will open your eyes to the man he created).

Did you know that your man needs to know he is needed?

In today’s society, women are so ‘bold and strong’ that they don’t need a man for anything. They can do it all themselves….If you ask me, that is a lie from the enemy. We need our men. It’s the way God created things. As a matter of fact, we are created to be their helpmates. Our purpose is tied up in their purpose. We are one. So go ahead, let your man know and feel that he is needed and appreciated.

Did you know that a man needs to feel respected?

Men are amazing creations; strong and so tough… yet inside of them is a part that needs to feel respected. I am a firm believer in giving my husband respect, both in the home and outside of the home. I have learned that my submitting and respecting him, do not equate to lack of worth or importance. Instead, respect and honor help to build the man God created him to be.

I wish I could explain it better. I will try to do my best. In the past, when I had to get my way or give my opinion to the point of being disrespectful, I chipped away at my husband very core. Today I understand that stepping into my position (instead of usurping his) is the very thing that allows him room to grow as the head of the house. Instead of feeling like I am losing ‘rights’, I am learning that I am gaining so much more than ‘my rights’. I am gaining peace, real love, and the blessings of God!

Did you know that your man needs sex?

Alright, so we don’t want to talk about this one right? Because maybe you have a headache, maybe you’re tired, maybe you’re so stressed out you have nothing to give when it comes time to give your honey some lovin’.

NEWSFLASH: There is a hottie out there who would love to show your man a good time. My suggestion: get yourself together. Take a 10 minute break if you have to and then start working it. Oh wait…. this is a PG site, we’re not supposed to talk about these things.

If there is one thing that I have learned in the 6 years that I’ve been married it’s this: my lack of care in this area can lead to devastation. I choose to be diligent, available, and even pursuant of my intimate life with my husband.

As for the hottie lurking in the background willing to give my man a good time….



Ladies, God’s abundance for your life begins in your home. Your marriage is a display here on earth of Christ and His bride. Believe me….. God wants you to work on this part of your life. This is a priority!

So go ahead, I challenge you… Drive your husband nuts about you! You have nothing to lose and so much to gain!


So how about you? Have you slacked off in this area of your life? Do you have any tips and tricks? [Remember, this is  PG site, keep it holy girls ;0)] I would love to hear from you!


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  1. ok so one year from now i will comment on this blog and let u guys know how I drove him so nuts he decided to marry me lol

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