{Cultivating A Heart of Gratitude}

As I get older, I am learning that an {Attitude of Gratitude} is essential in my walk with God. And so, in an effort to cultivate {A Heart of Gratitude} in our family during this holiday season, I’ve created some “I’m Thankful For…” cards.

Last year at this time, my family was in a hotel. We had a house fire which put us out of our home for 4 long and very difficult months. This year as we prepare for the upcoming holiday season, I want my family to remember how difficult things were for us last year and how grateful we should be that we are all alive and able to celebrate this season with our family and friends. Is life perfect? Well, no. Is everything back to normal? Not really. We’re still trying to get ourselves back on our feet…

However…. we look forward to a holiday with a Thanksgiving Meal in our own dining room, a Christmas tree in our living room, baking cookies and treats in our kitchen oven, and simply enjoying the opportunities God is granting us this season.

Here’s a very simple project you can create yourself…. or feel free to click and download your free copy (click on file at the end of the post).

I decided to use Office Publisher on my laptop to create this:

I chose a fall background, then inserted this pretty shape and the text of my choice, “I am thankful for…”, then I repeated the shape as many times as I could on this page (9 times):

Simple enough…

Next, I took out my paper-cutter… don’t laugh, it’s a very small paper-cutter, but it works great for projects like this and photos.

I cut the nine shapes out to make nine individual cards.

Then I found an extra plate I used to decorate at my wedding (I have another that I use to organize our remotes). And I simply placed the pile of cards with a pen on it and added it to our side table.


Everyone in our family is encouraged to fill out a card at any time from here to Thanksgiving Day. They can fill out one each day if they’d like. After filling out the card (and adding the date on which they filled it out), they fold it and we do not open it again until Thanksgiving Dinner time. At that point we can go around the table picking the cards one by one and reading them out load for all to hear.

Time goes by so fast. Days and evenings get quite busy. It’s important to make “Thanksgiving” a daily part of our lives. This just may turn out to be an ongoing tradition!

As promised, here is your FREE downloadable copy of the {Cultivating a Heart of Gratitude} cards, CLICK HERE cards. Perhaps this could be something that will help you and your family as well! Enjoy and be blessed!

So how about you? What ideas do you have to cultivate a heart of gratitude in your family?


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  1. What a beautiful tradition! I have posted your link on my site to share this idea with my readers. When my children where small I used a roll of newsprint and had everyone write messages of thanks and pictures of things they were grateful for throughout the day. After dinner and before dessert, we unrolled the newsprint and read what everyone wrote. It was so special!


    • Hi Linda, thank you for stopping by! I really like the idea you provided! I am looking for ways to make our home time (including holidays) more memorable. Thanks for sharing.

    • Hi Linda, thanks for stopping by and sharing. I am always looking for ideas to make family time in the home more special and memorable. I am making a mental note of your tradition right now! Blessings!

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