{Junk Drawer: Egg Crate Makeover}

Okay, so if you’re willing to think out of the box (and frugally) I can help you organize your junk drawer for free in less than 10 minutes. Are you up for the challenge?

I’ve shared with you in previous posts about my choice to be a stay-at-home mother. Cutting back on my income was a step of faith and while I am sure that God’s blessings and provision will follow our family, I am also sure that (for us) living on one income requires creativity and re-purposing!!

So I got this great idea when I saw these beautiful porcelain egg crates… I just love the blue color!!! Although they are meant for eggs, as you can see (and with just a little imagination) you can use this for just about any small pieces. How cute wouldn’t this look on a dresser holding some of your jewelry? I found some online anywhere between $12 to $25. Now, although waking up to this on my dresser would be a delight, I have other priorities right now… but did I mention that I love it???? What’s a girl to do?

So a couple of weeks ago after making breakfast and using the last three eggs, I looked at my egg crate and thought…. why not? It’s such a cute color and I bet I could use it somewhere!!! So I washed the egg crate and put it on the dish rack to dry.

I went to get something out of my drawer when I saw this…….. LIGHTBULB!!!!!

I knew some would question my rationale and the waste of time in a project like this… so I set the timer.  Then I took out a piece of leftover drawer liner and began to cut.

If you notice on the left is the part of the egg crate that sticks out with tabs to close the carton, I cut that off and lined the egg crate.

Although I already was using a black office supply container, it was so dark, that I couldn’t really see things at first glance. And everything just got thrown in the drawer. So I took it, along with everything else, out of the drawer (I will find somewhere else to use it) and gave the drawer a good wipe down. It’s always best to start with a clean slate.

I put the egg crate in the drawer, went through my items and threw out anything I no longer wanted to keep. I began to sort like items together and bigger items on the right side.

Here’s the close-up which is just as delightful to look at as the porcelain egg crate (at least until I find it cheaper)…

Yes, those are hair ties in there. I hate having my long hair down when I’m cleaning or cooking. Instead of running upstairs to find a hair tie, all I have to do is open the drawer. I usually have 2-3 of them in there… you know, because Chai’anne doesn’t like to have her hair in her face either when she’s eating. Problem solved!

(tip: I also keep clothes pins in there. They are great for closing cereal bags, chips bags, or any food that comes in a bag)

Alright, so the best part of my free organization project….. it only took 8 minutes and 19 seconds to do. You could literally do this while you’re boiling some pasta at dinner time. And, keep in mind that it took me 8 minutes and 19 seconds including taking pictures. So you should be able to get this done in 5-6 minutes tops.

Want to look at it again?

Alright, alright, that’s enough fun for today. It took you longer to read this post than it did for me to actually do the project {smile}!

So how about you? Got any 10 minute projects you want to share? Send me your ideas and pics for a chance to be our featured guest. I’d love to hear from you!


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