{Date Night on a Budget}

It’s October 19th and you know what that means… DATE NIGHT IDEAS!!!!

Previously on {In Pursuit} we asked:

What can you come up with for a date night on a limited budget of $20….? We will be dedicating a post in October specifically for marriages. Come on now, anybody can plan something romantic with $100. But can you do the same with $20? Are you up for the challenge? If so, send me those ideas. All ideas submitted will receive honorable mention and five will be our featured specials!!! I want to hear from you!

I want to send out a great big “THANK YOU” to everyone who submitted a {Date Night} idea. Believe it or not, many marriages today are so busy and caught up with ‘other’ things that they do not take that very important, and much needed time for their marriage. One of the excuses given for why {Date Night} is not taken is: FINANCES!

Well, today we nix that excuse and we provide 5 {Date Night} ideas on a budget. Any couple can begin here and as God and finances permit, you can continue to think creatively about what a special night for you and your spouse would look like.

So let’s get started:

Submitted by {EMMA ROJAS CASTRO}

How about he makes your favorite dinner and you make his favorite dessert eaten by candle light, or try catching a matinee which is way cheaper than if you go at night.


“OK so hear what me and William do when we do get a chance to go out on a date, which is rare due to babysitting issues. There is a theater in Emmaus that’s only $4 to watch a movie. They are open on Saturday and Sunday’s. Then we buy popcorn and soda which usually comes out to $5 which is very cheap. After the movie we go either to Dunkin Donuts or Starbucks and sit down and have a cup of coffee and a snack which is about maybe $7. We have great conversation and we spend quality time together. All that adds to $20.”

Submitted by {SHEILA AGOSTO}

“With twenty dollars, I can go buy things for a romantic candle light dinner. Make it something you usually don’t make, and make it a surprise. Don’t tell him, just tell him to hurry home. Get rid of the kids for a couple hours. Have candles all over the house (dollar tree sells rose petals just get one pack). You can decorate the table with pictures of you guys along the years to reminisce on. Because it is a dinner for two you can do a three course meal, soup salad, mash potatoes with balsamic chicken and a quick easy dessert of your choice (Chocolate covered strawberries with ice cream yummo!).

Talk about your dreams. DO NOT talk about kids unless its making kids..big no no..get to know each other with non sexual intimacy, spiritually, personally..what are each others dreams. You can give massages…oh and don’t forget before all this, have his clothes laid out, water running for a bath (make sure you start water when he gets there).

Another option is blind date..as if you didn’t know each other. Get to know each other.

Sheila got so excited with this post that she submitted another great entry for your enjoyment:

“Another idea which I’ve done, however the weather is getting a bit colder now,  is a picnic. Take a blanket, a picnic basket or a cooler and put some sandwiches for two, fruits (my favorite are grapes and strawberries), a small bowl with potato salad or whatever you like and lay on the blanket.

Just admire the beauty around you and the beauty in front of you (that would be me lol) and complement each other. What do you love about that person? Is there a little smirk or something that is so cute and attractive that only you notice or that your other half doesn’t know you like? Massage their hands as they talk. Take a long stroll, hand in hand, fall in love again. You need to always fall in love with your spouse, never let that flame die out because that is the enemies’ entrance to destroy what God has brought together. Everyday you must fall in love again, and always keep in mind that people change and it’s a good thing. Don’t stay on “but I remember when we did this and that”. P.S. another idea: “Picnic in your living room if it’s too cold and share hot chocolate and snuggle.”


“For under $20, I can go the Roxy’s Theater in Northampton PA and get movie tickets for 2 at $3 each, a big tub of popcorn, a large soda or 2 small sodas, 2 boxes of candy and I will still have money left over! Yup, that’s right!! The downside (for some people – not me though) is that they are not new releases. But the Roxy’s is not like other movie theaters. It has the look and feel of “old times” with a piano playing before the movie, the curtains opening and closing, flashing lights on the sign of The Roxy’s, etc.. Really cool!”

Alright, so after hearing so many great ideas, we got ourselves a babysitter and off we went to test out the Roxy Theater  idea submitted by Awilda (click on link to go to their website). I’ve got to say, my husband and I loved it!

Here I am on our way to the ROXY....

The movie started at 7pm and we got there a bit early so we took a walk down the street and grabbed a bite to eat. When I took these pictures, a young guy was walking by and he said, “if you want to get a great picture, come back in about 20 minutes when it’s dark and the lights come on, it’s beautiful!”.

And you know…. he was right. It really was beautiful! I had the intent of taking more pictures for you guys, but it started to drizzle and I was having a hard time taking clearer pictures without leaving my camera out to get wet… sorry.. maybe next time.

Awilda was right, with $20 we were able to enjoy a wonderful night out. The theater looked more like one of the smaller Broadway Theaters I went to when we saw “West Side Story” in New York years ago. There is piano music playing in the background which was quite nice. If it’s your first time, you’ll be quite busy taking in all the beautiful old architecture. I tried to take some pictures but they came out way too dark.

We looked kind of funny, my husband and I, kind of like tourists in a new area taking pictures in hopes that we’d get some good ones before the rain came down any harder… but we didn’t care. We were enjoying ourselves and we were trying to capture some photos for you guys!!! I hope you’ve enjoyed. And I hope that you’ve been inspired to put your $20 aside and spend time with your special someone.

One day, you might be able to do the fancy restaurant and a Broadway show, but until then, do not allow ‘not having enough money’ be the excuse for spending that much needed time with the one you love. Show them you care about them. Show then you are willing to take the time to put together a date night… even if it’s {Date Night on a Budget}!!!

If you have any more {Date Night on a Budget} ideas, send them in. Simply click {here} to find out how to submit your entries. And if you do try out one of our already published {Date Night Ideas}, don’t forget to stop by here and let us know how it went. I’d love to hear from you!!!


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  1. love it Darlene!!! I want date night!!!! Thanks for the “sparks”

  2. Woooow, love all this ideas makes me wanna go on a date! I must check out the roxy theater…this is awesome!! More ideas people..

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