{Cleaning Schedule}

I’ve gotten so many emails and texts about the {20 Minute Cleaning Challenge} I post (usually on a daily basis). I’ve had those who say, “I love the challenge, it really helps me to get up and move” and I had one or two who have said, “really, what exactly can you do in 20?” For those who have benefited from the challenge, I am delighted!!! For those of you who don’t understand the challenge, well- today’s post is for you…

I was raised in a single parent household; my mother had three daughters. At the age of 16 I chose to run away. I shared this story last year {click here to read my story}. At that young and important age when I should have been at home learning the skills required to run a household, I was instead partying and ‘living it up’. Sadly, I found that by the time I had children, a marriage, and household to take care of, I lacked the skills necessary to run a home smoothly.

Some of you don’t have that problem. And I applaud you. Perhaps you can stop by another day when we talk about an issue that does pertain to you… Or perhaps you can simply take my story and use it as a tool to help others who might be in the same situation as I was.


When I was engaged, I remember Jason (my husband now) came to my apartment and I had my entire dining room table filled… every single inch covered with papers, and books, and mail which had not been sorted. Literally, you could not see the table beneath all the paperwork. He just stood there in disbelief. I guess in that moment he was probably wondering, “woah, will be ever eat dinner at a clear table when we’re married?”

I of course got all defensive. “What? What’s the problem?”

His response, “Darlene, what’s up with all this?”

And I, of course in utter disbelief, “Do you have a problem with my paperwork? It’s my apartment, I pay the rent here. It’s my table and if I want to have everything on the table… I will! How dare you?!”

I stormed up to my bedroom. Threw myself on the bed. I was so upset. He had hit a sore spot and I was so angry that he ‘dared’ question me about it! I mean- I was a single mom. I worked hard. I paid my own bills. I deserved to run my house as I pleased, right? Right!!!!!!!!

That’s when I turned my head to the left side of the bed. I kid you not… from the top of the mattress where my head goes to the bottom of the mattress where my feet rest… there was a huge pile of clothes that I had washed but never put away. All week, I would just push it to the side and sleep on the right side of the bed. That’s when I heard the Holy Spirit speak so clearly to me, “You are in no condition to be a wife!”

And so- there, on my bed as a soon-to-be wife, I began this very difficult journey of figuring out how to run my home. Again, for those of you who read this and with your nose up in the air, think ‘pathetic’… I would dare say that you have no idea of the pain and lack of self-worth that a women without the skills endures and lives with. You have no idea of how it feels to know that you want different yet aren’t able to manage it. To those who sit and criticize I say, why not pray for your sisters and why not teach them a better way.


That’s what today’s post is about. The {20 Minute Cleaning Challenge} is not about getting it all done in one shot. It’s not about thoroughly cleaning your home or getting it in magazine tip-top shape. Instead, it is about putting laziness and procrastination to the side and deciding that your home is your sanctuary. It’s about saying, “I just need to start” and then setting that timer and starting.

There’s something holy that happens when you look at your home as a sanctuary. There’s something holy that happens when you look at the blessing that the Lord has given you and you begin to steward it as such. The {20 Minute Cleaning Challenge} is simply a tool that reminds you- ‘yes, the work ahead is big. There’s a lot to do. But the hardest part is simply starting, so get your timer out and move. You can do this!’


To help you out even further, here’s a cleaning list that helps me out. It’s part of the {Family Binder}. It’s my {Cleaning Schedule} and I believe it will be a great tool in helping you get started. Eventually, you won’t even need to use it, because I promise you, it will come natural to you! But for now, don’t be embarrassed use it and see if it helps you to maintain your home.

{tip} Laminate it or put it in a clear paper holder that way you can use the same sheet with a dry erase marker (that’s how I use it).

Today I woke up sick and I actually looked around my neat and tidy home and I thought, “thank you Jesus for my 20 minute cleaning challenge.” Today, all I had to do was make the beds and wash the few dishes in the sink. I’m sick and I would have dreaded waking up to a mess. Today I can enjoy my daughter and relax and rest because on Tuesday when I began my {20 Minute Cleaning Challenge} I got so pumped up, I started doing my weekly thorough cleaning. Then yesterday I maintained it with the {20 Minute Cleaning Challenge} and today, I am able to enjoy the discipline and hard work I’ve put into my home this week.

That’s what it’s about! Your home, your place of rest!

So click on the link below. Go ahead and download your FREE copy of the cleaning schedule made especially with women like you in mind… women {In Pursuit} of God’s best for their lives. Yep, God is interested in your home!!!!

{Cleaning Schedule}


Things don’t have to stay the same. You don’t have to live the disordered life you’ve become accustomed to. All you have to do is make one of two decisions:

1.) I will stay where I’m at.

2.) I choose a new way of life, an ordered life, a life I can be proud of and fulfilled with

That’s it. You make the decision and then you simply walk towards it. There are no more excuses. I’ve broken up the cleaning process for you. I’ve shared with you a simple step by step tool to help you. Now it’s simply up to you to decide what kind of life you want to live.


Don’t forget to stop by let me know how the {Cleaning Schedule} is working for you. Also, if you have any tips and tricks for cleaning and organizing, I’d love to hear from you!


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  1. i laugh reading this …mom would probably have a cow as she is a cleaning machine! She wouldve probably had a panic attack if she entered ur house! ….well as for me and my house…….I printed one out for Iris and one for me:) n ethan is.gonna get one too…..

    • Mom would have had a panic attack if she came into my house when I had the pile on the table and on my bed?? Let’s just say, there was a special closet for when mom came over… the closet that everything got thrown into!!!! Not anymore. Mom can freely go into any of my closets now… except the basement, lol that’s still a work in progress!!

      I’m glad you printed our the {Cleaning Schedule}. It will definitely give you a starting point. Let us know how it works for you!!! If you’re really daring, you can even send us before/after shots, lol!

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