{Coming In October}

Hey ya’ll. I know I say I’m excited every single time I post something, but I can’t help it… I AM!!!

I get excited about sharing with you and it’s even more exciting when I hear all the amazing stories from my readers. Let me just start this by saying just how much I appreciate each and every one of you who has stopped by to comment, sent me messages and emails, and stopped by to talk to me about something they found here on {In Pursuit}. Words cannot express just how much your encouragement means to me! It really does get me excited about waking up and starting a new day!

September was new to me. Although I’ve been blogging with Elevate Your Mind since April of 2010, {In Pursuit} takes me to places I’ve never been before. It forces me to get up and move. It forces me to share my heart in ways I didn’t have to with my devotionals on Elevate Your Mind. And although on Elevate Your Mind, I share with you guys my struggles, victories, and lessons in my Christian walk, here on {In Pursuit} I feel as though I’ve opened a door and said a great big, “Welcome, come in” and the best part of it is that so many amazing women have accepted the invitation! For that, I am ever so grateful!


  • We will continue on our {Journey to Financial Freedom} on Mondays
  • Exercise info, Healthy Recipes and more on {A Healthy Lifestyle} on Tuesdays. Submit recipe ideas {here}.
  • {Family Life} on Wednesdays with a special post on October 19th, {Date Night: Romance on a Budget}. Please submit your ideas {here}
  • {Home and Life Organization} on Fridays
  • {Checklist for Life: for teens} book study on Saturdays

I kid you not, I have my blog Calendar jam packed for October with all the wonderful things I want to share with you so meet me here Monday thru Saturday. Come often. Stay a while!


Check out our October Challenge {here}

And you can now join us on our own Facebook Page {InPursuit MyQuest}!!! Don’t forget to add us as a “Friend” in order to be a part of our {In Pursuit} community!


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