{Helping Children Learn Responsibility}

I’ve heard from several young mothers the same theme in their household when it comes to their children…

“I have to say the same thing over and over and they do not listen. They just cannot handle their daily responsibilities without someone being on them all the time!”

Man-oh-man does that sound familiar in my household. Every single day it seemed that I was saying the same thing… get up and get dressed, get your school stuff, do your homework, clean up your room, did you do your daily devotional....

It got to the point where I was just so sick and tired of the same thing with no results. I don’t want to have to resort to yelling to get a reaction from my children. I don’t want to nag and say the same thing over and over. And I sure don’t want to do things for my children which will enable them to continue being irresponsible.

Hence, the new {COLLAZO FAMILY ACTION PLAN}. {smile} I like how that sounds. Finally some action in our home and this time, the children would have to be a part of it!!!

Today I will share with you how we are teaching our daughter responsibility:

I have a very {passionate} 4 year old daughter. Some used to say, “ooh, she is a rebel! -smirk, laugh- you are in for it!”  But I… I say she is simply {passionate}! Two very distinct things.

This very {passionate} daughter of mine likes to take all her toys out without putting anything away. She likes to get dressed depending on what mood she is in. If she wants PJ’s, she puts PJ’s. If she wants a skirt, out come ALL the skirts. Perhaps she’s in the mood for rainbow tights, a purple shirt with a fairy tutu, princess heels, a jeweled crown, and then….. the great topper, long flowing RAPUNZEL hair (made out of a pink and white  feather boa which loses feathers throughout the house as she let’s down her golden, eh-hem… I mean pink and white hair!).

Rapunzel with her pink and white hair!!

Yes- she is definitely quite {passionate} about everything she does.Her creative spirit resulted in many days of frustration and hours of cleaning and folding clothes. NOT NECESSARY!

Morning times were a fight and getting her to brush her teeth took sometimes 45 minutes with me finally holding her mouth open and brushing her teeth while she screamed and cried gagging (can you picture it?). NOT NECESSARY!

Getting her to settle down for school time, another issue. She would much rather play with her kitchen and dolls. More wasted time in the mornings. More frustration. NOT NECESSARY!

I can give you example after example of how much time we wasted in this household and just how disorganized things got around here. Instead, I want to show you the simple tool that made the difference for my 4 year old.

Chai’anne received her very own schedule which is now posted in her room. We went through it together and she can tell you it by memory.

Little Miss Collazo now understands that there are responsibilities with her name on them. She can no longer argue about brushing teeth or making the bed (which includes a quick clean up and pick up of clothes and toys). She is aware that after making the bed, it’s school time… so again, there is no fighting this.

I cannot stress enough how much this simple list has changed our days. She is learning responsibility and she is also taking pride in herself for getting things accomplished. I recommend that every parent help their child be successful by teaching them.

She cannot read yet so I posted the little pictures next to each item on her list to help her understand it and remember it better.

Tip: Don’t expect for your children to just know what to do:

  1. Teach them how to do the chore/responsibility. (ex. I brushed Chai’anne’s teeth, taught her how to reach to the back, how to brush her tongue, how to “make alot of bubbles”, how to rinse, how to rinse her face with water, and then dry her face).
  2. Help them do it. (ex. I would let her start but then I would take over and show her what was missed).
  3. Now that they’ve watched and worked with you on the chore/responsibility, let them take off on their own.

Using these simple three steps in teaching your children how to do things on their own will go a long way!!!

Join me next time and I will share with you how this looked for our 12 year old. It was a bit harder but so far our new plan which includes the implementation of {THE DESTROYER!} is working great! (more about that next time)

So how do you do it with your family? What are some tips and tricks that you’ve used to teach your children responsibility? I would love to hear from you! So send me those comments!


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