{Learning My Letters}

Some of you were interested in finding out how Chai’anne (my daughter) learns her letters. Here’s a glimpse at ‘learning time’ in our house.


We begin with prayer and reading on the {READING COUCH}. It’s just a simple couch, but to Chai’anne, it’s the {READING COUCH}. The moment I say, “ok Chai’, it’s school time. Everybody to the {READING COUCH}, she gets her books and knows exactly where to meet me. I believe that preschoolers need consistency and routine. This simple practice every morning helps her to calm down and get ready for learning.


1.) Each week we do a letter for the entire week. We practice saying the letter, sounding it out, words that begin with that letter, and writing the letter.

I found this video which Chai’anne loves. They have one for each of the 26 letters in the alphabet.

2.) After listening to the song which helps her practice her sounds, we work on STARFALL.COM where she gets more practice.

3.) We then practice writing her letters. Sometimes we use regular lined paper for preschoolers (they sell these notebooks at the Dollar Store- yep! for $1). Other times we use the dry erase board that comes with her Preschool learning book.


We try out some craft or project that has to do with the weekly letter. This week we did the letter “T”. So I cut out shapes and had her create “Chai’anne’s shape {TRAIN}”. I simply cut out different shapes out of construction paper: circles for wheels, rectangles, squares, and triangles to use as the cars on the train. Then I mixed them up in a pile on the table.

  • she practiced shapes by looking at the different shapes and naming them.
  • she practiced grouping and counting by grouping each shape with like shapes and then counting how many of each shapes were in it’s own pile
  • she practiced pasting the shapes onto the paper

Just looking at these pictures make me laugh. Chai’anne is currently into dressing and combing herself. I just can’t resist the ‘looks’ she comes up with. Her side ponytail is her trademark (hee hee hee). That’s what it’s about. For them, it’s learning letters. For us, it’s enjoying and forming memories that will last a lifetime.

I hope you got some ideas to help you with teaching your children their letters. I cannot stress enough the delight and pleasure that comes from teaching your child something and seeing them ‘get it’.

Now it’s your turn. Stop by and let us know how it goes for you, what tips and tricks you have to share. I’d love to hear from you!


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