{Week 1, Journey to Financial Freedom, Part 4: Personal Financial Statement}

It looks like you’re back so I am going to guess that you are serious about getting your finances back on track. How long has it been again since your finances didn’t make you cringe? Well, we’re going to get you back there by God’s grace!!


Look at all you’ve already accomplished! You must feel great! Remember, you didn’t get into your mess in one day and getting your financial house in order is not going to take one day either. However, one step at a time- one day at a time- and you too will find financial freedom!


It’s time to create a {Personal Financial Statement}. Our study kit came with all the forms we need for this journey. If you recall in Week 1- Part 1, I spoke a bit about the Biblical Financial Study offered by Crown Financial:

“My husband and I have begun The Crown  Biblical Financial Study. You can purchase the couples set for $55.00 and the single set for  $45.00. I wish we had someone teaching us the things we are now learning. We would have saved ourselves so many headaches and sleepless nights. That’s why I am sharing with you this part of my journey. Hopefully some of what we learn will motivate you to take a good look at where you are in your own journey towards financial freedom.”

I totally recommend this kit to anyone and everyone looking to do things God’s way (which is oh-so-different than our way of doing things!).

For those of you who do not have this kit available, therefore don’t have the {Personal Financial Statement} to fill out, click {here}.

The {Personal Financial Statement} will help you to get a quick look at your Assets (we all love these!) and Liabilities (this is my least favorite section on the form!). Basically, this form will give you a quick glance at what your Net Worth (Total assets minus total liabilities) is.

So go ahead, this weeks’ work is simple (you’ve probably already been through enough with our previous lessons, smile, you’re so much further along than you used to be!!!!).

I recommend getting yourself either a binder or a folder to keep all your papers and study notes together. This will really help, especially when we are further down the road. Then get ready because next week we start {WEEK 2: The Lord is Owner of all}.

Are you excited yet? If not, you need to be! Remember, seal all your work with prayer and meet me here again next week… D-DAY (Debt free Day) is a little bit closer!


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