{It Doesn’t Just Happen}

Good morning, it’s so good to have you here with me this morning. Let me start by saying that I am so exhausted, I haven’t slept too good in the past two days (I’m going to try to get through this as best I can). Sleeping in though, is not an option for me. I’ve learned in the last year and a half that as a mother, wife, and woman, I must be able to pour into my kids, husband, and others- and without God, I lack the energy, the patience, the wisdom, the resources, and the strength.

I am actually quite a procrastinator by nature. I could easily spend a whole day pushing things off. However, my spirit tells me that there is so much more to life than merely existing. My spirit shouts loudly- come. And so I bend towards the call. I have to work hard against laziness and procrastination. I have to work at living life purposefully. So don’t look at me and think that I jump out of the bed ready to do so many amazing things. Instead, look at me as a woman whose desire to live the life God’s purposed for me is greater than my desire to do nothing. That’s it. Simple. Two choices every morning to make: do or not do. I choose the former.

And so, I make it a point to get up first thing in the morning before the rest of the family gets up. Sometimes I get up effortlessly (those are great mornings). Other times I have to roll myself out of bed. Today I didn’t have the energy to do any of those so I told my husband to roll me out of bed and he had me laughing so hard because he actually did roll me all the way across the bed and onto the floor (gotta love him! what a support! -laugh-).

If I could share with you one thing that has impacted my life greatly, it would be that:

It (God’s call and purpose for your life) doesn’t just happen! It requires action on your behalf.


A while back, maybe like a year and a half or two, I felt such a restlessness like there was so much more to life than what I was experiencing. I began to evaluate my relationship with God, my serving, my giving, my attitude, my actions and so much more. I began to hear over and over- you want more? You have to give more.

For every young woman out there who has ever felt that restlessness, I encourage you to surrender it to God.

For every woman who has matured in age yet continues to feel that restlessness, I encourage you to surrender it to God.

When you do, you will realize that your strive towards greatness has left you empty because you’ve missed the purpose behind it all. God is perfecting you continuously. God is working in your life continuously. The journey to your destiny might just be much more important than your arrival.

When I realized that life was not about reaching out into thin air trying to grasp greatness which always seemed to evade me, things changed. When I realized that greatness and purpose are found in my very own simple life each and every day, things changed. When I became thankful for the journey I was currently in, rather than frustrating myself with some elusive idea of what reaching greatness would be like, things changed.

That’s when I made my decision to seek God like never before. That’s when prayer and God’s word became a priority. If I want to pour into those around me, I must allow the Holy Spirit to pour into me.

And that, my friend, is the secret to my life today. I wish I could find better words to portray just how important a relationship with Christ is, but my words fail me. I wish I could allow you a glimpse of the very disorganized and chaotic life that I once lived so that you can see the power of God to transform any life. I am a woman {In Pursuit} of all that God has for me.

My journey to financial freedom, my journey towards a healthy lifestyle, my mothering on purpose, my pursuit of a godly marriage, my pursuit to fulfill dreams… all of this is built on one foundation… Jesus Christ.

It doesn’t just happen. With prayer, goal setting, dreaming, serving, sowing, and working- dreams begin to unfold before you. So why not take a moment today and work on those {Life Goals}. Then get real with yourself. What are you doing about them? What are you doing with what God has given you?

Stop expecting greatness without putting the work into it. Stop expecting to reach abundance if you’ve never even stopped to sow a seed that would produce a great harvest.

You may have stopped here today to find out more about handling your finances God’s way, or possibly you wanted to see where I’m at on my journey towards a healthy lifestyle. Maybe you want to know about homeschooling or our new book club reading, Checklist For Life: for teens. Whatever it was, I want you to know that my desire is for you to be whole. None of our pursuits will ever take us anywhere if we don’t start with God.

I don’t want to give you useless information to grasp at and fill up your time. I simply want this site to give you ideas of different areas/ways that can have a huge impact on your life here on earth and on your eternity. So bear with me today as I take a pause from the many topics here on {In Pursuit} and I focus on you. I am interested in seeing you prosper physically, mentally, emotionally & financially because I know, firsthand, the pain that comes from living an unfulfilled life.

So again, I encourage you to fill out your {Life Goals}.

Click on the link above and just take some time, you and God. For the past few weeks you’ve taken a good look into my world. But how about you? What are you {In Pursuit} of? I’d love to hear from you! Send me your comments and emails. Let me know which challenge found on this website has helped you or what you’d like to see here on {In Pursuit}. Remember- you are on a quest to living the abundant life God has for you. And that doesn’t just happen- you (and God) make it happen!


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  1. I’ ve just stumbled on your website looking for a scripture cards much like the ones you have posted, but yours are answered prayer to my need and more. Thank you for poring out your love for God and giving a chance to others to do this so easily with you. Be blessed!

    • I love scripture memory cards. I need to work on more of them once I get some things in order. You can subscribe to the blog on the top right hand side and be notified via email when a post comes out with a free printable 😉

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