{The Family Binder}

Have you ever wished you had a COMMAND CENTRAL at your home? A go-to place where you could find the important things necessary to run your household? Well, I’ve found some awesome family binders ideas online and with those ideas, I’ve come up with one for our family which I believe will work great!

So here it is… Perhaps you too can create one to help things run smoothly in your own home.

I started out with a plain binder in my favorite color: PINK!!! Any 3 ring binder will do.

I had these tabs lying around the house, so I used them. Any dividers will work. (Tip: dividers which allow you to write down each section work best).

The first page in my binder is simply our name. If I had a binder with a clear front, I would have put this page there (hint, hint). Since my binder doesn’t have that clear pocket in the front, this will have to do.

The second page in my binder is the {Calendar}. I used COZI to create this wonderful calendar. I love that it color codes each person in my family. A quick glance at the color on an event lets me know who in my family is scheduled for the appointment. COZI even has a phone app you can download if you have an I-Phone or an Android phone. This makes scheduling and keeping up with your appointments super easy and fun! So go ahead- fill up your calendar then print it out and put it in your binder. No more missing appointments. No more confusion because no one knows what’s going on this month. Here, at your family’s COMMAND CENTRAL, everyone can quickly find out what is going on.

My third page is my {Cleaning Schedule}. You’ve probably already heard about my {20 Minute Cleaning Challenge}. I learned this when we had a house fire back in October and I was stuck in a hotel suite for 4 months. Now back at home, I don’t have the luxury of calling for room service so I simply put the timer on and clean, clean, clean. It really is amazing what you can do in 20 minutes!

Now for those who need to see it out in front of them, the {Cleaning Schedule} is awesome! Simply make a list of the chores you do around your house on a daily, weekly, monthly and even yearly basis—> print it out—–> laminate it (or put it in any clear pocket like the one I used)—-> use a dry erase marker to check off as you go. Walah!!! Doesn’t get easier than that!

The next section is a very important section, especially for those of you pursuing financial freedom: {The Bill Payment Schedule}. This is the place where you get a quick eye-view of which bills have been paid off and which are yet to be paid. By simply listing your monthly service providers in one column and the months of the year, you can check off the bills that you pay each month as you go. No more shuffling through papers trying to find out what’s what!

The next tab goes to our {Meal Plan} section. This is where our meal plan for the week goes: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, and snack. In an ideal world, you sit down early in the week with your {Coupon Binder}, your newspaper with the weekly circulars and you begin to create your meal plan around the sale items of the week. Writing out a meal plan will eventually save you time, money, and frustration. Really, how many times have you gone out to eat dinner because of lack of preparation at home?! I’m still working on this section. It’s a plan that I intend to implement very soon. I love the whole idea of knowing what exactly I will be feeding my family this week. They are my priority and planning ahead will make this part of my day run so much smoother! (tip: laminating this page also will help you save paper. Works just like a dry erase board when laminated).

The next section goes to {School Papers}. How many times have you searched for a paper that your child’s school sent home only to realize you’ve lost it? Well, this section of the Family Binder is great because you will always know where to go. I recommend adding a divider with a pocket for papers you can’t hole punch.

Lastly is a section for {My amazing blog ideas!!!}… okay, okay, so maybe they’re just amazing to me, but nonetheless, they are my ideas. Now I have a section to jot them down. There’s nothing worst than coming up with a fantastic idea only to forget it 15 minutes later. This section in my family binder helps me to put it all down. That way when it’s time to sit in front of the laptop and I get writer’s block… which we all do!…. then I can look at my list of ideas.  Don’t let all that creativity go out the window. Who knows, your next idea could be your big break!

So there you have it, {The Collazo Family Binder} a.k.a. COMMAND CENTRAL! This is just an idea of what your binder could look like. But as with all my ideas, they are just that… ideas. Tweak them, change them, adapt them to your family. Organization has made a huge difference in the way we run our home. And no- it’s not always perfect. Things don’t always get jotted down on the binder- at least not yet- but I am {In Pursuit} of God’s best for me. And that, my friend, includes an orderly home. So with much prayer, patience, and work, I am sure that God will establish the work of my hands.

So what do you say? Are you up for the new challenge? Are you up for creating your own Family COMMAND CENTRAL? Well, if you are, I would love to see what yours looks like. Send me your pictures, your emails, your comments. Let me know what works for you or what ideas you have to make this an even better project… I want to hear from you!


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  1. Thank you so much for these amazing printables! They are awesome and I’m sure they’re going to help me!

  2. I LOVE, LOVE,LOVE the red binder template (new and improved), I just can not figure out how to download it for my family! Thank you so much for this beautiful template. The cleaning schedule printed great and I’m going to start using this today!!

    • Hi Angie. Thanks for stopping by {In Pursuit}. The red binder template was an old one I used, but I didn’t load up as a printable. I’m not sure I even have it in my files anymore. If you haven’t already done so, on the right side of the site, you will see a picture of the {Family Binder}. Simply click and it will take you to the post containing the link for the printable. I also have some additional pages for the binder on this post ->http://wp.me/p1GDsM-Fr

      I am looking to update the Family Binder printables we are currently offering and when I do, I am thinking of having different color schemes available so keep an eye out for those. 🙂

      P.S. the cleaning schedule was how it all began over here! I’m sure it will be a big help!

  3. I just recently came across your site and absolutely love your ideas! How can I get a copy of your binder printables? Thanks sooooooo much!

    • Hi Margaret. I am so glad you are enjoying your time here on {In Pursuit}!! To get your free {Family Binder} template, check out {Life Projects: Get Rid Of The Mental Clutter} –> http://wp.me/p1GDsM-Fr
      This post will give you the link to the Family Binder download as well as some new additions. Please let me know if that doesn’t work for you. Enjoy!

  4. Hello! I absolutely love this site you have such a wonderful view and setup of life! How can I obtain a printable version of your Home Binder? I have a family of 8 and we are desperate for some organization skills =)
    Thank you,


    • Hi Amanda, thanks for your kind words! I’m so glad you’ve enjoyed your peruse here on {In Pursuit}! To get your free {Family Binder} template, check out {Life Projects: Get Rid Of The Mental Clutter} –> http://wp.me/p1GDsM-Fr
      This post will give you the link to the Family Binder download as well as some new additions. Please let me know if that doesn’t work for you. Enjoy!

  5. I love this! I will be creating one and keeping you updated! Every mom should definately have this!

  6. ok so im still waiting for my binder u promised me so i can have some order in my life n get rid of all the clutter! what r u waiting for? start printing!

    • Yay, my first customer! Lol. I told you I would happily customize it for you. Want to come over tomorrow? I would need to know exactly how you want yours. And I will show you how to use cozi.com for your calendar.

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