{Checklist for Life: Week 1- Self Acceptance}

As promised, this week our family began the book, Checklist for Life: for teens.

The first chapter, Mirror, Mirror, talks about self-acceptance. Going through the teenage years can be very tough for many. You’re too young to really be able to handle the things this world offers you, yet you’re too old to find the security that children find in toys and blankets. Your mind and your body are developing and so are your hormones. There is a lot of change in the life of a teenager. Many times, teens just don’t know how to deal with it all.

And so, here we are- Parents who love their children and want what’s best for them. So why not start here…One step at a time, one compartment at a time- of the very jumbled package called ‘the teenager’. I sure am not an expert. My children are just beginning this road. However, I am a mother who is passionate about imparting into my children and teaching them the things that I wish I had known back in my day.

Remember, we are sealing this with much prayer, patience, love, and grace. Our kids need us, even when they don’t show it, even when they act like they don’t. Your love and encouragement does make a difference!

So today’s topic is SELF- ACCEPTANCE.

Teenagers have so many demands and expectations thrown their way. It can be so difficult for them to find their place. Let them read through the chapter on SELF-ACCEPTANCE. Then let’s look at God’s word…


Psalm 139, Talk about how God created them, how He sees them.

Jeremiah 1:4-19, Talk about the call over Jeremiah’s life. He felt he was too young, but God doesn’t discriminate because of age.

1 Samuel 16, Talk about Samuel looking at what a king ‘should’ look like. Compare that to what God looked for in the future king of Israel.

These are just a few of the many wonderful stories found in the Bible that will help your child with seeing themselves as God sees them. Feel free to tailor your study depending on what you see in your own child. For example, a child who is afraid to talk in front of people would benefit from the story of Moses. Or a daughter who is scared of standing up for what is right would benefit from the story of Esther. With the vast number of godly men and women in the Bible who were appointed and set apart for God’s purposes, the stories to choose from endless.


I love scripture and I believe that if we are to help make a difference in our children’s lives, it begins with God’s word. It is there that they will be able to see themselves for who they are. It is there where they will find the standard and principles by which to live their lives. So I took some of the scripture verses for this chapter and made some {Memory Verse Cards}, yay!!! Feel free to download them and print them out. I hope they are beneficial on this new journey you and your child will be taking!

{Scripture Memory Verse Cards: Self Acceptance}


I wanted to give my boys some things to do this week to help them really dive into this new topic of SELF ACCEPTANCE. On page 19, the book gives a list of things for them to do. I added one more: Read Psalm 139 and write five things that you learned about you and God. For example, verse 1 says, “O Lord, you have searched me and you know me.” So one thing they could write down is: “God knows me”. Basically, I’m just teaching them to stop and really look at what they’re reading it versus rushing through it.


We talked about:

  • Being created in the image of Christ.
  • The pressures to dress or act like others.
  • Accepting others and their differences.
  • Being available for the challenge: God’s call on their lives.
  • Not accepting being mediocre (like someone else) instead being amazing (the person God created in His image!)


I hope you were able to take with you some ideas for your own family. Remember this is not about some strict regimen. Instead it’s about real talk with your kids. It’s about imparting into them God’s word. Let’s start giving our kids the tools they need to be godly young men and women. You can do this! Who better than you to lead and guide your children in the ways of the Lord? God chose you for those kids. So maybe it’s time for you to stop and read Psalms 139. You have been fearfully and wonderfully made and this, my friend, is a high calling. You have been chosen to sow the seed of faith, the seed of the gospel into the hearts of these children. Then water it with your love and prayers and watch as the Holy Spirit takes over and produces abundant fruit in their lives!

I am so excited that you’ve decided to take this challenge. Send me your comments and let me know how it went for you. I want to hear about it! And get ready for next week’s topic, LOSS.


About Darlene Collazo

Daughter of the King. Wife. Mother. Writer. Encourager. Lover of words and all things creative. Fellow companion on this journey {In Pursuit} of the abundant life God has for us.

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  1. God Bless you Darlene, so I have not gotten the book yet but after reading your blog I captured a couple of good ideas for discussion on Self Acceptance. Self Acceptance is something that majority of our teenage children battle with. I know as an adult I sometimes struggle with it. I have a 14 year old who just started H.S. and I know that one of his struggles is Self Acceptance. Always looking at how can I be better in pleasing some else, meeting other people’s standards, what are people going to think about me etc. So we first spoke about what is it that HE thinks he lacks of. At first he said, NOTHING”, but then I stated and my husband stated what we think we lacked of and he opened up. WOW!!!!! Our conversation went great and we also read some scriptures. I have share that this wasn’t easy because we are at a stage with my son where he thinks that going to church or being a christian is not cool. But in Jesus name we are moving forward with this. God Bless you all.

    • Awesome Evelyn! It’s sometimes crazy all that you would miss if you didn’t take the time to stop for these kids! I have seen God lead the conversations in my house in ways I never would have been able to. It takes courage for you and your husband to step into this God ordained role in your lives (because the task can seem so big). So I congratulate you on this huge step. Your son will be in my prayrers. And I pray that God would give you and your husband a double portion of strength, wisdom, and discernment for this season!! Get ready for Week 2 this Saturday.

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