{Just an update}

Hey ya’ll, It’s really good to have you back. Right now, my grandmother is quite ill in the hospital. I spent last night with my sisters in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU). It’s really difficult to be in a place where you can’t do anything for someone you love. I guess that’s why I’m so glad to be sitting here in front of my laptop right now. Because I can do something about each letter that is typed. I can twist and turn and mix and match words any way I want to.

My grandmother will be celebrating her 83 rd birthday on September 13th. Although that might be wrong, my mom says she is 85. I’m not sure anyone really knows my grandmother’s true age. All we know is that she is a strong woman of faith, and she’s a fighter! We used to joke that she would outlive all of us. ‘Mamita’, that’s what we affectionately call her.

She’s currently experiencing kidney failure, weak heart, and the Dr.’s have had a difficult time stabilizing her blood pressure. She’s in a lot of pain and she seems a bit confused. Sometimes she recognized me, sometimes she doesn’t.

This morning when I finally left the hospital, I looked at her and said do you want to pray? She nods her head yes. So I pray. Then I begin to say Psalm 23 to her. “The Lord is my Shepherd”… and she would try to speak (although it was very difficult) and she would say the next verse “I shall not want.” We went through the whole chapter together. Me, with a heavy heart. She with her eyes closed.

Well, that’s the update right now. Keep her and our family in your prayers. I’m off to the hospital. Talk to you all tomorrow.


About Darlene Collazo

Daughter of the King. Wife. Mother. Writer. Encourager. Lover of words and all things creative. Fellow companion on this journey {In Pursuit} of the abundant life God has for us.

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  1. Darlene,
    How i wish i had the right words to say that would take this pain away. But as you know i know all to well that at times the best thing is silence and knowing that you have a sister in Christ here praying. My prayer for you is that our heavenly Father give you and your family strength, and peace that surpasses all understanding. Psalm 119:28 says “my soul is weary with sorrow; strengthen me according to your Word”. Love you Darlene.

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