{Simplify and Organize: The Coupon Binder}

I am so excited about today’s post.

A good friend of mine clued me in to this whole other world of COUPONING!!!!

The more I researched, the more excited I was about the possibilities of being able to stock up for my family and even further, stock up to help those around me in need.

See, last October my family experienced a house fire. We know what it’s like to see your kitchen- and all the contents in it, including all your groceries- go up in flames. We know what it’s like to have all our clothes ruined and only have the clothes on our backs. When hard times like this happen and you’re not sure where your next shampoo bottle, toothpaste, or even soap is going to come from, things are quickly put into perspective.

Our house fire taught us the pain and the difficulty people go through when they face a life crisis such as ours. It is our desire to be in a position where we can be helping hands and feet to people in their time of pain.

So back to couponing. Imagine going to the grocery store and buying multiple packages of an item… not because you need them, but because you are already thinking about how this package will meet someone else’s need. Imagine being able to load a cart full of items that will help others; and imagine doing it all at a low-cost or no cost at all. Hard to imagine, eh?

Well, that’s exactly what Extreme Couponing offers. To find out what all the buzz is about check out:

The Krazy Coupon Lady and take some virtual classes at We Use Coupons. Find out everything there is about couponing!

Once you’ve educated yourself on this new phenomenon, =0)…. maybe you can work on your own Coupon Binder.

The inspiration for this post was my good friend (you know who you are ;0)….). This friend and I both began this journey into the world of couponing all excited and ready to build up our stock. A week later she asked me, “Did you do your binder?” and of course I said, “I am working on it, I got some of the supplies.” She went on to tell me that she started but got so frustrated, she took all her coupons and stuffed them in the trash.

So, here is a step by step post for my very good- and oh so special- friend and for everyone else out there who wants to try out this thing called Extreme Couponing… Enjoy!

{Step 1}

You will need a binder to put all your coupons in. Any plain old binder will do. This one is a 1.5” binder. My goal is to upgrade to a 3” binder.

Although a plain binder will do the work. I just love the binders at Target. They are on my wish list!! I love, love, love them!!! Did I mention- I love them?!!!

{Step 2}

Next we need a place to store and organize each coupon. What’s the point of having coupons if you can’t find them when you need them? These are baseball card holders I found at Target for about $5.00 (30 to a pack).

{Step 3}

These inserts are awesome!!!! Check out THE KRAZY COUPON LADY website and find these downloadable pages which include an index for your binder and page dividers by category (each page is numbered to match the numbers on the index page). Can you say, YAY?!!!! These ladies have done all the work for us. All it takes is a couple of minutes to print and then off to {Step 4} Filling up your binder.

{Step 4}

  • This step takes a  bit of time (maybe 15—20 minutes). However, it will be well worth it! After this first time set up, you will have an organized binder with easy to use sections. The first part of this step requires you to cut some scrap paper to fit the size of each card slot. This will automatically double your coupon space. Putting this scrap paper in each slot, will allow you to use the front and back part of the clear card holder.
  • Then follow the Index page provided by THE KRAZY COUPON LADY website and put the binder dividers in- one at a time- followed by a clear card (coupon) holder.  So one divider section with the category heading (ex. DRINKS), one clear holder.

{Step 5}

Make it a family affair! Get the kids involved. They love to feel like they are making a contribution. Go ahead, try it! Cut those coupons and then start filling up your newly organized coupon binder.

And there you have it, one step closer to my goal of Financial Freedom and Operation Blessing.

You’re probably asking– how is clipping coupons going to help me reach Financial Freedom… well– for starters, it will require me to shop with a plan. Secondly, it will require that I really look at my budget and plan accordingly.

When I take the time to clip a coupon, even for $1.00 off, I am actually gaining free money. I take that free money, hand it over to the cashier, and she accepts it as part of my payment towards my total purchase. FREE MONEY! Yeah, it will take me a good 20– 30 minutes to organize myself weekly, but it will also save me a lot of money that is usually spent eating last-minute at fast food restaurants.

Money saved = money earned. In addition, my desire to be a blessing to others in need will be more attainable. YAY!!! Double bonus!

So how about you? What are your tips and tricks for organizing your coupons? How has couponing worked for you? Any setbacks I should know about?

I would love to hear from you! Also, if you do put a coupon binder together, send me your pics. I would love to see how yours turned out!

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  1. im going to do one of these

  2. HI Darlene,

    I have tried this a few times, but never to this extreme, but we are on our away …. AGAIN … now that I have more time… well some time … anyway how is it going for you???

    • Blessings Olgie, I am so glad you stopped by. I am doing great… I must say, the Coupon Binder is amazing. However, it does take discipline and it does take consistency. I am so not there yet. This is a work in progress for me. But then again, that’s what life is about right?! Living, learning- failing and then trying again until you find a system that works for you.

  3. Miriam Huertas

    Darlene I Love it, love it love it…this is an awesome idea!! I’m gettin a binder ASAP!!

  4. Yes Darlene thats where I was trying to print them from..I really like them..I figured out the problem and youre going to laugh..ummmm I was selecting the wrong printer to print from that was the problem lol I was picking the printer from work instead of the one from home..niiiice etoy supel loca lol but im looking forward to this couponing thing wooohooo I will be clipping coupons tomorrow 😉

  5. Darlene I need help..for some strange reason I can not seem to be able to print the table of content can you help me?? I need to get this binder on a role here lol

  6. I love this Darelne… I will be doing a coupon binder like that one for sure… I love how easy and organized it is:)))

    • Hi Lisa!!!! So glad you stopped by to check out my Coupon Binder. I’ve seen a couple of them… some people go crazy when it comes to coupons!!! They have some that are like 3-4″ and have a strap and all so that you can hold onto them like a purse. Pretty cool… but I’m so not there yet. I got the Coupon Binder put together, that was pretty easy… now the real challenge is actually putting it to use. It’s my goal, so I will keep you updated on how that turns out. Keep me posted on your Coupon Binder, send me a picture and let me know if you have any other ideas on how to make sure you use the coupons you’re clipping.

  7. I love it Darlene lol I have my coupons on my table lets see if I get frustrated this time lol. I have a binder too I just need to go buy the insert thingy wooohooo here we go on this journey my friend..I love it!

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