This week on {IN PURSUIT}

I am just so in love with Franklin Covey agendas/planners! Too bad they are a little pricey for my liking. So off I ventured to create my own version.  Why? Because I have learned over time, if you don’t plan your day life will fill up every single slot with numerous offers: Facebook, internet, books, television, phone time, game time…and the list goes on and on.

I have personally tested this theory. I have tried to use a planner which included appointment times, daily task lists and a slot for any journal notes along the day. I must say- my days seemed so much more organized and effective.

I know, I know, now-a-days we all have wonderful gadgets with their own built-in calendars and more. However, I still believe writing things down helps you remember things better.

And so, in my pursuit of a simpler, organized, and fulfilled life, I am creating my very own daily agenda… and yes! it is in my very favorite color, PINK!!!!

Join me tomorrow for the big reveal!! And stop by for a chance to win your very own printable 30 day agenda. It will be the perfect opportunity to see if this system works for you!

What else are we looking forward to this week:


  • Update on my Pursuit of a Healthy Lifestyle. Yes, I will give you progress reports, ai!!!!
  • Part 2 of {In Pursuit} my journey towards financial freedom. I hope you didn’t give up on your financial future yet! We’re just starting!
  • Our very first give-a-away:  one lucky winner will receive a 30 day printable agenda.

About Darlene Collazo

Daughter of the King. Wife. Mother. Writer. Encourager. Lover of words and all things creative. Fellow companion on this journey {In Pursuit} of the abundant life God has for us.

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