{Pursuing a Healthy Lifestyle}


The Problem

Okay- so part of my quest in living an abundant life is learning how to live a healthy lifestyle. To be quite honest, for years I’ve been afraid of food. I was a young mother and nobody ever told me I couldn’t eat what I wanted and still go back to my size 7 jeans. I kept hearing (what I now call The Great Lie) “you’re eating for two”… Big mistake.

**disclosure for pregnant women**

If you hear “The Great Lie”, please do not believe. You are actually eating for yourself and a 2lb baby growing inside of you with a very, very tiny belly.

1st Child

My first pregnancy resulted in my bundle of joy, a beautiful son, and 60 extra pounds. Yikes! Talk about a reality check, when I got out of the hospital and tried to leave with my size 7 jeans (uh..not happening!).

I spent 14 months depressed until I joined L.A. Weight Loss. I enjoyed the plan because it made it easy for me to look at a list of what I was able to eat and I was successful in losing 42 lbs. Yay me!!!

2nd Child

I kept it off for about 4 years and then I got married and had a second child- and the battle of the bulge began, yet again!!!

Fast Forward 10 years (from when I had my first child) and here I am still trying to figure out how to live a healthy lifestyle.

Now, I’ve had those helpful suggestions like: exercise so many times a week, eat this- not that, try this pill, drink this shake, and on and on the list goes. I could even go back to L.A. Weight Loss and perhaps lose some weight. But reality is junk food has been my vice. So now what? Get rid of it all. Don’t buy it. Eat it in moderation… I don’t want a quick fix. I don’t want a program that helps me get down to some magic goal weight. I want freedom from the scale, freedom from the insecurities that creep up. I want health and I want to enjoy life (including food)!

So now what…

I am a young mother of two (and stepmom to 1) and I do not want to find myself fighting serious issues like diabetes, heart problems, joint/knee pain. I want to live a life full of energy and vibrancy. I want to enjoy food, not be a slave to it.

Now, I’m certainly not a Doctor or a dietician, but I’m on a journey to educate myself. I’m on a journey to learn to live life differently. So in the next few weeks, I will be:

1. Educating myself on Nutrition

2. Creating an exercise and meal plan/journal

3. Planning a two week meal plan on a budget

I’m excited! Why? Because this is a stumbling block  I must overcome so that my children will not have to battle the same battles I do. My conquest is their victory! That alone is worth giving it all I’ve got. And when all I’ve got is not enough, then I’m leaning into the power of Christ in me, I will remind myself that I can do ALL things (especially living a healthy lifestyle) through Christ who strengthens me!

So no more excuses, no more pushing this issue to the side. I mean really- I’m going to have to deal with it the moment I get up the next morning.

Why wait? Why continue to do things the same way expecting different results? I am a women {In Pursuit}- so get out the way, here I come at full speed!

P.S. I’m hoping to have my exercise and meal plan/journal finished by the end of this week. I will post a copy of it on the blog.

I want to hear from you. Do you have any success stories? Any ideas or tips that would help me on my journey towards a healthier lifestyle? I would love to hear from you.

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  1. Hello PR. I am so thankful for the honesty and sincerity expressed in your comment. You are exactly right… we can’t have it all. I think that most women fight this battle with their weight/health, however we keep it to ourselves. I think a big part of that is the competition that rises up within women when it comes to what size we are. Well guess what? I decided to step out of that imposed-upon competition and I have found that the moment I did, many others were willing to share their struggle. At the end of the day, its about people. People who have hidden struggles and burdens. People who truly want change and answers. People who just need to be loved and encouraged. So again, thank you for stopping by and sharing. Let the napkins come out and the pizza grease removal process begin!!!! Changes, even small, seemingly insignificant changes, make the difference!

  2. Okay so here it is! I too have decided to shed some lbs as well. Age has everything to do with it. I refuse to age unhealthy!:) I find that losing weight and eating healthy starts with the right frame of mind, not diet pills! It is also a spiritual responsibility as we take care of our soul we take care of our temple! I say this because about 4 years ago, I noticed that after I preached I felt very tired and lethargic! Immediately after I came down from the pulpit I felt as though a truck had ran over me. It was then that I heard the Spirit of God say to me that my temple(physical body) was not being taken care of. I wasn’t 200 lbs but I was certainly not indulging in all the fruits, vegetables, and all other healthy food required to give me energy, clarity and so forth. As a matter of fact I ate without given it any thought process! There must be a conscience allertness of what we are eating throughout the day. Eating pizza, is not as bad, when you know that one slice may suffice and tap that baby with a napkin to get rid of the delicious grease! Seriously we have to compromise we can’t have it all! So on this Journey I began to eat more healthy, to think of what I eat, to know why I am eating, am I hungry or am I bored or and am I eating because of emotional instability! I may not have shed the lbs I wanted but I started feeling so much better. Now I try not to eat at night and when I do, I know that the following day I have to compromise some amazing edibles.
    Did I say I am a pastor and people are forever trying to feed me! Now normally this is not a problem when I am not hungry…but when I am hungry…well let’s just say…the next day is a very green one!
    blessings on your journey and I am going to join you and post mine as well.

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