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Darlene Collazo:

I wrote this poem a while ago. I needed to remind myself… I am a victor. I push through. I don’t settle. I don’t shrink back!!! I’m stretching my arms up wide. I’m not letting go. I will walk in the abundance God has for my life. And even more so- when this life passes…. I will walk in the amazing abundance rewarded to me… eternal life!!

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Sharing my heart:

A poem by Darlene Collazo,

I’m reaching.

Reaching beyond the point expected of me.

Reaching beyond the point of no return.

I’m reaching-

Beyond my circumstances,

Beyond the statistics imposed on me based on my background

And my past failures.

I’m reaching-

Beyond the impossibilities,

Beyond the pain,

Beyond the questions.

I’m reaching-

Beyond the struggles,

Beyond the setbacks,

Beyond the muck and mire.

I’m reaching-

Beyond the natural,

Beyond what I can see.

I’m reaching-

higher, farther, deeper…

Into the arms of the One who created me.

Into the arms of the One who knows me.

Into the arms of the One who loves me.

And there…

There I find that I’ve pressed through any situation.

There I find that I am safe, secure, protected, and loved.

There I find that I am mighty.

I am a conqueror.

I am reaching…

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